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Blue Bottle Cafe: The Best Coffee In Alabama

There was a time when cappucino used to be the king of coffee but espresso and coffee lovers weren’t going to settle with just a few recipes of coffee. So with the help of espresso and microfoam, it eventually gave rise to drinks like frappuccino, mochaccino etc. But the Alabama State has another fancy option by the name of Gibraltar Quad show beverage which is served with four shots of espresso along with a bit of steamed milk. It is known to be created by Blue Bottle coffee in San Francisco. The origin of the name of coffee comes from small libbey “Gibraltar” tumbler in which it is served. Another origin fact about this espresso drink is that it was originally a drink made by the Blue Bottle baristas who made it away from the bar for themselves.Starting as an insider drink, it eventually spread to other parts of the state.  It is sometimes considered as an underground coffee meaning that it won’t be available in most café’s menu but available for all customers.

The composition of Gibraltar is half espresso and half foam-infused milk. Another reason it is considered the best coffee of Alabama is that it serves as a real booster especially during afternoon when the morning energy level starts to wear off. It a strong drink but people who want something strong and some milk added to it to soften the espresso then Gibraltar is the drink to drink. Some might consider it a drink which falls in between a macchiato and a café latte. A double ristretto is poured into the Gibraltar glass. The milk will serve the purpose of a café latte which would end up in the same glassy, smooth with a cream texture similar to café latte.

Gibraltar is known to be served at the best coffee house of Alabama at O’Henry coffeehouse. The uniqueness of Gibraltar started to catch fame at Facebook and yelp which helped the O’Henry café in getting the best coffeehouse award by business insider. Interestingly the owner does not agree with Gibraltar as the best coffee and point to other brewed coffees and lattes as the most popular drink especially the vanilla lattes. But espresso lovers will always admire the strength of Gibraltar. Its energy boosting feature has named it latte on steroids and is considered much more intense than a cup of cappuccino. The owner seems to be pretty happy with the fame of its café drinks and doesn’t aspire to build an empire like Starbucks and is more interested in having a small sized mom and pop coffeehouse.

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