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Guide: How To Make Your Coffee Healthy

With coffee and the caffeine in it being probably the most popular beverage and drug in the world today it makes sense that you might want to make your coffee super healthy as well. Since polls suggest that more than 50 percent of all Americans drink coffee in some form every day and drink on the average more than three cups it might be a pretty good idea to consider various ways in which to make this brew healthier.

Here are 5 ways to make your coffee super healthy and still be able to enjoy it.

Don’t Overload Your Coffee With Sugars

If you go to a coffee shop and decide to pick one of their “specialty brews” you would be shocked at just how much sugar you will find in one of these brews. They are loaded with sugar and even artificial sweeteners. Some of these specialty drinks, no matter how good they might taste to your taste buds, contain as much as 80 grams of sugar which can equate to over 700 calories per cup and that is not one of the ways to make your coffee super healthy.

If you absolutely can’t stand black coffee there are other ways to sweeten it and make your coffee super healthy at the same time. You can try adding some organic honey or even some organic maple syrup, however, stay away from those flavored shots as well.

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Avoid Drinking Coffee With Caffeine After 2 PM

One of the 5 ways to make your coffee super healthy is to simply avoid drinking caffeinated coffee in the afternoon. The reason for this is because we all know that caffeine is a stimulant and often times we truly don’t need to be stimulated as the day comes to a close. This can actually interfere later in the evening with your ability to sleep and then this can lead to a variety of different problems and issues. So, it is really important to try and avoid caffeinated coffee late in the day. If you feel the need for the flavor of coffee during the afternoon hours then consider brewing or picking up some fresh brewed decaf or even consider opting for some tea instead.

Keep Away From Those Artificial Creamers

Another one of the 5 ways to make your coffee super healthy is simply avoid putting in those artificial creams that you can find in any grocery store in the dairy section. They offer tempting flavors from Caramel to Pumpkin Spice and Cinnamon to French Vanilla. As good as these artificial creamers may taste to your taste buds, it’s what their ingredients are that may not be so good for you and your coffee. These creamers are often loaded with tons of corn syrup along with hydrogenated oils that are simply horrible for you and your health. Even if their labels say they are “fat free”, “sugar free” or “zero calorie”, they still fill them with some sort of artificial ingredients to help make them taste as good as they do. So, do your best to avoid these types of creamers.

Use Heavy Cream Instead

As much as you might enjoy those artificial creamers one of the 5 ways to make your coffee super healthy is if you go with a heavy cream instead. Heavy creams are far less processed. They also have less lactose and casein than milk so for some people it is a lot easier on the stomach. Another good option is coconut milk as well. It tends to be a great coffee creamer that also adds some great flavor.

Add Extra Antioxidants

Even though it is now known that coffee offers more antioxidants than anything else out there, there is no reason why you can’t add extra. One way to do that is to add cinnamon to your coffee. Not only does it taste good but it helps to regulate your blood sugar levels.

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