how much coffee is good for you

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How much coffee should you really drink

With all the bad press that coffee often gets it makes the coffee lover wonder just how much coffee should you drink before it becomes unhealthy. Many who oppose coffee, of course would say that the answer to how much coffee should drink should be zero, however, as more and more is being discovered about the different properties of coffee, the more the naysayers are starting to look like they just have a grudge against a beverage that is enjoyed by billions of people all over the world.

Well as the medical world begins to quickly discover that there is actually more good news about coffee than there is bad, it seems that most medical professionals agree that three or even four cups of coffee, literally is not going to kill you, per day. So, how much coffee should you drink? Probably the best answer to that would be on the average three cups per day. However, doctors will say that this amount and beyond really isn’t all that beneficial for someone with high blood pressure or rapid heart beat, so when it comes to how much coffee should you drink and you have those conditions it is probably best to ask you doctor and until then keep it down to one or two cups a day until you have discussed this with your personal doctor.

How much coffee should you drink as stated can be three to four cups per day and by doing so, despite what many people might be telling, this is for your own health benefit. Coffee may have a bad rap by many but it is becoming quite clear to those in the medical world that coffee indeed can be beneficial. Even though coffee is not a cure for anything there is indication that some of the properties of coffee can indeed help.

One health benefit that comes with drinking coffee is that there studies out there that show that coffee both caffeinated and decaf may have the ability to lower the risks of people developing type 2 diabetes. So how much coffee should you drink? Well, it seems that in several studies made people who said they drank more than six or seven cups of coffee a day actually seemed to end up being 35 percent less likely to develop type 2 diabetes. Then those who drank two or few cups of coffee a day went down to about a 28 percent less chance. One of the reasons why it seems coffee can help some people keep diabetes at bay is because it is filled with anti-oxidants, magnesium and chromium all of which help our bodies use insulin which in turn helps to control our blood sugar level.

Another amazing fact discovered about coffee is that in a study made by Kaiser Permanente they found out that their members who drank one to three cups of coffee each day tended to have a 20 percent less chance of being put in the hospital for any kind of abnormal heart rhythms better known as arrhythmia than those who didn’t drink any kind of coffee at all. And for some women, drinking moderate amounts of coffee each day could mean a lowered risk of stroke as well.

Again the question is, how much coffee should you drink? Well in one study in Finland and Sweden researchers discovered a link to lowered risk of dementia, which includes Alzheimer’s disease. This study was over a twenty year period and they discovered that those who drank three to five cups of coffee on a daily basis had a 65 percent less chance of developing dementia as well as Alzheimer’s as compared to those who were not coffee drinkers or just drank coffee occasionally.

In the end the answer to how much coffee should you drink is really it seems a personal choice, however, as you can see, on an average, three to four cups of coffee appear to have some promising health benefits you might want to consider the next time you pick up a cup of your favorite brew.

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