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Review/Pros & Cons : Instant Coffee | Fresh brewed

If you are a coffee drinker you more than likely have just the kind of coffee that you like more than some other kind and you also probably have your favorite brand as well as your favorite brew such as instant coffee vs freshly brewed. No doubt there is a difference between the two even though they both come from roasted coffee beans the instant variety comes from using freeze dried coffee bean base. What this does is allow the coffee to be made much quicker while still keeping a lot of the coffee bean taste. But what is best when it comes to instant coffee vs freshly brewed coffee? That’s probably up to the individual but here are a few things to consider when it comes to the two.

When it comes to instant coffee vs freshly brewed the biggest difference for most coffee drinkers is probably the taste. When coffee is freshly brewed it comes out with a much stronger, deeper, richer and fresher taste than with instant coffee. A lot of coffee drinkers prefer this particular taste that comes with fresh brewed coffee and simply won’t drink anything else.

As for the instant coffee, it still has that coffee taste but it tends to be somewhat muted. Those who drink instant coffee often will claim they don’t seem to be able to tell any difference in instant coffee vs freshly brewed coffee when it comes to the taste. So taste as always is a matter of opinion and perception.

When it comes to convenience instant coffee vs freshly brewed it would be the instant coffee that would probably win this war hands down. Instant coffee is much easier and a lot faster to make than any brewed coffee. You just heat up some water, add the instant coffee to a mug and add the hot water to the instant coffee and you are ready to go.

When it comes to brewed coffee we all know that it needs to be made in a coffeemaker and depending upon what kind of coffee you are brewing and what type of coffeemaker you have it can take some time for a fresh pot of coffee to be brewed. So when it comes to convenience, instant coffee would win this battle.

Cost comes into the instant coffee vs freshly brewed coffee as well. A lot of people prefer to buy the coffee you need to brew not only because they believe it has better flavor but because it is also less expensive than instant coffee. But even though instant coffee tends to be more expensive it also seems to last longer than brewed coffee. It also can be kept longer and will stay fresh in the refrigerator where brewed coffee won’t. So in this battle you might say there could be tie on this one.

As more and more studies are being done about coffee, more and more information is coming to light about the health benefits that coffee offers. So, do these same benefits exist when it comes to instant coffee vs freshly brewed. Well it seems that some studies have found that even instant coffee, just like freshly brewed coffee does contain some health benefits. One key benefit it tends to have that it seems to help with blood sugar levels and to help with an increase in ones metabolic rate. The composition of instant coffee is still similar to freshly brewed coffee it still offers some health benefits, perhaps not as much but one other benefit worth noting is that it too seems to help reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

So in the end when it comes to instant coffee vs freshly brewed it all boils down to personal preference on taste, convenience and cost. One way to figure it out for yourself is to try them both side by side and decide for yourself which one tastes best and which one fits your own particular needs.

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