Starbucks Coffee Is it worth it?

Review: Starbucks Coffee Prices – Worth It Or Not?

Many people who drink coffee have wondered for years whether or not the coffee at Starbucks is worth the price customers have to pay. And now with prices even going higher, like for certain types as high as $7 per cup, black, nothing fancy in it, the question is even stronger than before. Is their coffee worth the price? To be honest, it is hard to actually say that any coffee could be worth that kind of money, especially since you can buy your own coffee for not much more, grind it yourself if you want and then brew it in the comfort of your own home.


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It is amazing to see how many people are willing to pay this kind of money for coffee even if it’s not worth the price. Maybe it’s because they are so use to going to Starbucks because of its convenience since in some cities you can nearly find one on every corner. Or maybe it is a “status symbol” for them to be sitting at a Starbucks. Who knows but according to some people, some of the locations don’t even have good service, so it remains a mystery why people would dish out so much money for coffee that may not be the best in the world, as Starbucks seems to think of itself.


Probably one of the reasons that people seem to migrate to Starbucks is that they have more often than not a good marketing strategy and tend to know exactly how to attract their target audience. This could explain why their loyal customers refuse to actually complain about the prices they have to dish out for a cup of coffee because they feel they are a true part of the company as a whole. Feeling like you belong can often override the expense of something. Indeed Starbucks does have a good quality of coffee to offer but they are not the only ones. They have competition that offers just as good of coffee as they have but they may not go about targeting their audience in the same way as Starbucks.


With so many others out there offering a variety of different kinds of coffee to choose from and ones that are nearly as good if not better than Starbucks, personally, making the choice to bypass Starbucks is a no brainer to this writer. It seems insane to pay such extreme prices for a cup coffee when it is available elsewhere for much less. In all honesty, this writer doesn’t believe that a “name” is what makes a product good nor the type of promotion a brand offers. What one needs to look at when honestly judging a product is everything. This means not only the product and its quality but the service that one gets, the price and the flavor. One needs to allow their taste buds to tell the truth and not be influenced by the fact that “Everyone goes there.”


Starbucks would have you believe with all their hype over the years that there is simply no better coffee in the world except for theirs. But that simply couldn’t be further from the truth. From personal experience a lone this writer has to disagree. Was lucky enough not too long ago to experience some of the best coffee I’ve ever had and it was the furthest thing away from Starbucks you can get and that was the famous Cafe du Monde in New Orleans. Sure we all can’t get there for some of the best tasting coffee around, but they make it easy because you can order it online and even from specialty stores all over the country and pay about a dollar more for a pound than one cup of Starbucks most expensive coffee. So, is Starbucks coffee worth the price? Not in this writers opinion. Overpriced coffee that is over hyped and in some places doesn’t even offer good customer service. Unfortunately it seems many people feel that the pricier something is the better it is. Not in this case.

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