Secrets to a successful Coffee Shop

Successful Cafe Shop Secrets Revealed

If you have a dream of having your own successful cafe shop you no doubt wonder how it is some succeed while others don’t. To begin with this type of business like any other business takes a lot of determination, some experience, some luck, creativity or some kind of combination of all of these things. When it comes to the word successful it means that your cafe is at some reasonable degree of being financially stable, doesn’t mean that you are becoming rich but it’s paying the bills and salaries. So, what are the secrets to a successful cafe shop anyway?


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Often times a successful cafe shop isn’t just about what is on the menu and what kind of food there is, often times, people are more interested in going to a small cafe to just sip on a good cup of coffee. So, this means that one of the secrets to a successful cafe shop is that you make sure you serve high quality gourmet coffee and you might even want to consider having some really good espresso as well. People love to sit and visit over a nice cup of coffee or espresso.

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This leads to the next secret for a successful cafe shop and that’s comfort. If people like to sit and chat over a good cup of coffee they are going to want to be comfortable. Not only do you want customer seating to be ergonomically designed you also want the workstations for your employees laid out perfectly. The easier it is for them to maneuver around the cafe the better service your customers are going to get. Also it is important that the register for the customers is not only easy to find but easy to get to. No customer wants to try and figure out where they are suppose to pay.


Another little secret for a successful cafe shop is that coffee should not be the key instead you need to have a menu that helps to promote multiple sales and not just coffee. You can’t expect to survive on just coffee sales alone. This also means employees need to be well trained in how to convince customers to order more than just coffee. The menu needs to be well balanced and easy to go through, most customers who go to a small cafe really don’t want to spend their time reading through a menu that reads like a mini novel.


So that brings us to the next secret for a successful cafe shop. The menu that is needed to increase sales should also be limited in the assortments there are to offer the customer. A small cafe that has good coffee should offer customers a a few varieties of cookies, muffins, fresh fruit as well as a variety of cold foods, cold beverages and a a few tempting hot foods. Just make sure that the cold and hot foods aren’t a huge list to choose from because after all a small cafe is not meant to offer a huge variety of foods like larger restaurants. However, what you do offer on the menu should be signature foods that make your cafe unique within itself.


Another secret that many people don’t realize is key is to make sure that you not only have table service for your customers but also a nice counter service for those who don’t have time to sit and enjoy their coffee or food. Having counter service helps those customers that are in a hurry get what they need without having to wait for a wait person to come by and take their order. Also, some cafes will limit the order taking to just counter service and cut down on the need for wait service at the tables.


Finally with a cafe, the owner of a cafe can and should be far more involved with their customers. Cafe owners need to get out and about the cafe and get to know their customers more. This also helps employees and their morale if they see that the owner/boss is on site and working right along with them.

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