How to roast coffee at home like a pro

Roasting Coffee At Home Made Simple!

Back in the day, there was a time in this country that if you wanted coffee you would have to roast coffee in your own home. There really wasn’t any other choice than to do it yourself. The little brown coffee bean that we have grown to know, love and take for granted used to be shipped to the general store in it’s green form and housewives would usually just roast coffee in their homes in a frying pan, or if she had the money she would use a crank turned home coffee roasting system. By the mid-1800′ however, coffee had become extremely popular and they came up with freshness sealed packaging that kept pre-ground coffee fresh, people no longer had to roast coffee or even grind it themselves any longer before they could brew it.

Coffee Micro-Roasting Coming Back To Homes

Fast forward to today and we now are starting to see people who have joined a micro-roasting movement which is actually bringing roast coffee back into the home. For a lot of coffee drinkers this is one of the best ways to ensure that they get the freshest coffee possible, especially if they live in rural areas away from any coffee shops like Starbucks for example.

Benefits Of Roasting Coffee At Home

Believe it or not by roasting coffee at home one or two pounds at a time will produce just about the best tasting coffee you’ll ever drink. Truth be known, most coffeehouse chains, especially Starbucks are notorious for over roasting so that their cup of coffee tastes the same every single day. This actually takes away the true unique character out of the coffee bean. When you roast coffee at home you will get a variety of flavors you never knew coffee could offer.

Whats The Best Way To Roast Coffee At Home?

There are a variety of ways you can roast coffee at home. The easiest way of course would be to buy a roasting machine and it does everything for you, but what fun would that be? But here’s a cheaper and a lot more fun way to do it and that’s by taking an old school popcorn popper and a gas BBQ grill. It could be done on the stove but roasting coffee beans can be a stinky process.

To Roast Your Own Coffee All You Need Is A BBQ Grill

You really don’t need very much to roast coffee at home but what is needed is quite specific. First you need a gas BBQ grill, charcoal is too hard to get hot enough for roasting coffee. The grill also needs to have a side burner. You can use a propane grill or even a propane camp stove.

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Other Minor Things You Will Need

You will need a stainless steep popcorn popper with a stainless steel lid. You will also want a baking sheet to use for cooling your coffee beans. Make sure you don’t want to use the baking sheet again for anything else because the smell will remain on the sheet. Finally you will need some green coffee beans.

Now Your Ready To Roast Your Own Coffee

Now you are ready to roast coffee beans. You will need to preheat your side burner for about 10 minutes before putting the coffee beans on. It does take an awful lot of heat so the hotter you can start it the better. Once you have preheated your burner it’s time to put the beans in your popcorn popper.

The Art Of Roasting Coffee At Home: Master It

Now use the hand crank on the popcorn popper and start stirring the coffee beans right away. You want to crank the beans continually during the 10 to 15 minute process. It’s a good idea to leave have the popper lid open so you can see the color of the beans as you progress. After a few minutes you will see the beans turn yellow and they will start to smell a little grassy and earthy. This is where it gets a little tricky and you really should pay attention. Instead of using a thermometer to check the temperature thresholds of the beans a lot of home roasters just go by the sound. When the coffee beans start to go from the yellow color to a brownish color they will start to make a set or cracks or pops. This will be the first of two different sets of cracks. The first set sounds actually like popcorn popping, it will start with one or two just like popcorn and then they will all start cracking. When this happens it’s actually up to you when you want to take the beans off the heat. For example if you were to stop right when the first signs of cracking or popping starts you will be creating a really smooth, almost tea like tasting coffee. It’s really good but, it might be way too different from what you want from your coffee, but that’s up to you.

If you want more traditional tasting coffee then go a few minutes past those first pops or cracks and wait for the second set which are much more subtle, it’s a really light sound almost as if bubbles are popping in the air around you. Also you will notice that the coffee beans become more evenly brown during this time. So, if you take them off at this point you will get a more “normal” roast. If the beans start to smoke a lot and smelling really bad then you’ve over roasted them. Not a pleasant experience.

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Whats The Best Amount Of Time To Cool Your Coffee?

After you take them from the heat put them on the baking sheet to cool off. Make sure it’s an even layer and then let them cool for no less than 30 minutes. Some people let them stand for up to 12 hours but that’s not really necessary.

Storing Your Coffee

After they are cooled off you then can store them in an air tight container until you are ready to grind them up and make yourself some truly freshly roasted and ground coffee. That’s all to it. If you liked this article please support us by liking, sharing and following our blog.

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How to roast coffee at home on a BBQ Gas Grill Video Instructions

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