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5 Coffee Gadgets You Will Go Crazy For!

If you truly love coffee then you know how important it is for your coffee to look the best and to taste the best. You also know how important it is to you to find just the right little coffee gadgets that will bring to you the kind of coffee you want to experience each and every time you brew it. So, here are 5 coffee gadgets coffee lovers like you will go absolutely crazy over.

Ember Coffee Mug

Ember The Advance Coffee Mug

1. Ember Coffee Mug

This first of 5 coffee gadgets coffee lovers like you are going to really embrace is Ember Coffee Mug. As coffee lovers, you know how important it is that your coffee be served at the ideal temperature in order for you to get the best tasting coffee. By pouring your delicious coffee into a paper cup or just a regular ceramic cup you never get it just right, it’s either going to be not hot enough or far too hot for you to enjoy that very first sip. This is why they came up with Ember coffee mug, the coffee gadget from the future. Ember coffee mug is a very special coffee mug that has been designed for coffee lovers who want their coffee at the exact right temperature each and every time they take a sip. Ember coffee mug is designed with it’s own charging coaster that will keep your coffee at the perfect temperature for up to two hours when on the go or it will keep it at the perfect temperature all day long if you keep it on it’s charging coaster. The Ember coffee mug is very simple as well as elegant looking and it has no complicated buttons or instructions for using it. You just have to rotate Ember’s built in dial at the bottom of the mug for the temperature that you prefer. Believe it or not, Ember coffee mug has it’s own app that will let you create preset temperatures, choose notification preferences and you can even choose between Celsius and Fahrenheit!

The Ember Coffee Mug – The Future Is Here!

Ember The Future Of Coffee Drinking

Ember Coffee Mug – The Future Of Drinking Coffee

The Ember coffee mug is what all coffee lovers are going to go crazy over and is a must have with it’s easy to push open leak proof lid, 360 degree lid opening for drinking from, has a contoured shoulder for easy gripping, has a touch logo for easy activation of the display, a hidden til-lit display and a rotating ring to help you adjust the temperature to whatever you prefer it to be. Inside Ember coffee mug it has a patented phase change cooling system, space grade thermal insulation, the inner vessel is made of stainless steel. Ember coffee mug has it’s own microprocessor controlled heating system along with Bluetooth radio system. Making Ember coffee mug the most advanced and unique coffee mug on the market today.

The Ember coffee mug was designed to take the average serving temperature of coffee, which is 160° F for most coffee we are served and cool it down to the average preferred drinking temperature of about 135° F for most coffee lovers and Ember coffee mug will keep at that temperature for hours.

“The Ember Coffee Mug is a coffee gadget that everyone will fall in love with!” – Espresso Gurus

The Ember coffee mug is ideal for those coffee lovers who have everything but this! The amazing Ember coffee mug is for sale online for the following prices on Amazon.com

One – Ember Coffee Mug For Sale $219.99 + Free Shipping & Handling

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To order your Ember Coffee Mug today and have it delivered to your doorsteps by tomorrow click the link below.

Ember Coffee Mug

Ember Temperature Control Mug (Order)

To get further details for the “Ember Coffee Mug” click the link above.

Ember Coffee Mug- The Future Coffee Mugs Video

Ikawa Coffee Roasting Machine


2. Ikawa – Coffee Roasting Machine

Ikawa Coffee Roasting Machine is  yet another coffee gadget that coffee lovers are just going to go crazy over, especially if you are a coffee lover who is looking for a way to roast your own delicious coffee at home and make it look like you had a professional do the roasting.

With Ikawa anyone can become a professional coffee roaster at home!

The Ikawa Coffee Roasting Machine will help all coffee gadget lovers prepare their coffee beans like a professional that’s been doing it for years. To begin with this coffee roasting machine is supplied with the recommended roast recipe that is best suited for your coffee beans. Even though it does have it’s own pre-programmed roasting recipe it is so advanced that it allows coffee lovers to customize and adapt the Ikawa Coffee Roasting Machine to a variety of different recipes including any that you might create on your own. And if you love to share your roasting recipes with other coffee lovers like yourself you can do that too by using Facebook, Twitter or even their own Ikawa forum. So not only will you be creating your own roasted coffee but you’ll be turning it into a social event as well.

“Ikawa Digital Coffee Roaster – A Must Have For All Coffee Lovers!” – Espresso Gurus

Coffee gadget lovers will love the Ikawa Coffee Roasting Machine for a lot of different reasons but one obvious reason other than roasting is it’s sleek design which will fit into any modern kitchen especially those needing an appliance that will leave a small footprint in their kitchen. This coffee roasting machine won’t take up much more room than the average sized kettle you might find sitting on your kitchen counter top.

Ikawa Digital Coffee Roasting Machine

Ikawa – Roasting Coffee A Click Away

The Ikawa Coffee Roasting Machine is a coffee gadget that allows coffee lovers looking for the freshest coffee ever to make it right in their own home by taking green coffee beans, putting them in the top container, twisting the container for the beans to drop down into the machine and with the touch of one button the roasting process will begin, no hassles, no smells and no ruined coffee beans. This coffee roasting machines produces perfectly roasted beans each and every time. This machine also comes with an app that you can use with through your phone either with Android or iOS making it one of the most advanced and easiest roasting machines on the market.

This fast and easy to use Ikawa coffee roasting machine will be available for sale this December for £750 or $992.66 US. To place your order you can click here to visit Ikawa’s official website.

Ikawa – The Digital Coffee Roaster: Coffee Gadget Video

The Bod Cold Coffee Brewing System

The Bod Cold Coffee Brewing System

3. The Bod Cold Coffee Brewing System

For those coffee gadget lovers who love cold brewing coffee but really don’t want all the hassles and sometimes the mess it causes during the process, are really going to love this new cold coffee brewing system called “The Bod”. You as coffee lovers are going to love this little machine because it helps you make some of the best tasting cold brewed coffee around with ease.

coffee gadget

The Bod – Coffee Gadget That Saves Time & Money!

The Bod Cold Coffee Brewing System is designed to save time and money for coffee lovers along with quality coffee. This cold coffee brewing system is designed to enable you to brew your coffee any time as well as anywhere. This brewing system is extremely compact, very portable, shatterproof as well as spill proof so no more messes in the kitchen when brewing your favorite cold brew coffee. The key thing most coffee lovers will enjoy about this coffee brewing system is that it has a stainless steel filter system which means you won’t ever have to buy filters again or deal with the mess filters can cause. The bottom of this machine also makes 15% more extract than most of the other brewers on the market today, so you’re also going to get more coffee as well. But the best thing is how extremely easy it is for any coffee lover to use. First you just add coffee to the stainless steel filter, add the cap to the filter and then attach the filter cartridge to the filter chamber of the coffee brewing system. Then you just fill the coffee chamber with cold water to the well marked fill line and just brew from 12 to 24 hours. That’s it, nothing more to it! Every brew cycle will produce up to 24 ounces of concentrated coffee extract which can give you 10 to 12 cups of hot or iced coffee for your enjoyment. Once the coffee is extracted you just flip the brewer over and it pours into the coffee canteen which you can easily store in your refrigerator for whenever you need a cup of cold brewed coffee on demand with no waiting. An added feature that comes with the Bod Cold Coffee Brewing System is that you can run the coffee through one more time and get three more cups of coffee from the grounds.

The Creator Of Bod Thought Of Everything You Could Need!

The Bod coffee brewing system is a coffee gadget that also comes with a measuring shot that you can use to measure out just the right amount of coffee extract for a cup of hot coffee by pouring it into the shot cup, then into your coffee mug and add hot water and whatever else you want to your cup of coffee. For iced coffee just pour extract into the measuring shot, pour coffee extract over ice, add water and whatever else you desire and you are ready for a perfect glass of iced coffee.

The Bod Cold Coffee Brewing System Is Truly A Coffee Gadget To Go Crazy For!

The Bod Cold Coffee Brewing System is ideal for coffee lovers who want great tasting cold brewed coffee with no mess and best yet, it’s one that you can take with you when you travel. Making it the ideal cold coffee brewer for coffee drinkers on the go! The Bod ranges in price from $59.00 to $289.00 depending upon which system works best for you and how many you want to purchase at one time.

If your interested in purchasing the Bod Cold Coffee Brewing System coffee gadget then you can visit the official website here.

Stojo Pocket Coffee Cup

Click Here To Order

4. Stojo Pocket Coffee Cup – Coffee Gadget

Stojo Pocket Coffee Cup is a coffee gadget for those coffee lovers that are looking for the perfect coffee cup that not only keeps their coffee hot but can adjust to different quantities of coffee, is easy to transport, store and good for the environment. If this is what you are looking for in a coffee mug then you can stop right here with the Stojo Pocket Coffee Cup. The Stojo Coffee Cup is especially great for any coffee drinker who really hates drinking out of those paper cups you get from any coffee shop. Stojo eliminates the use of paper cups all together. Stojo Pocket Coffee Cup is good for not just coffee, it can be used for any beverage you buy on the go and when you are done drinking your beverage it easily collapses with one push into a flat and compact item that you can easily carry, fit into a pocket, briefcase, backpack, purse, you name it, it will fit. Stojo Pocket Coffee Cup is a unique little cup that has three simple parts to it, that you can easily take apart when you get home. Stojo Pocket Coffee Cup allows you to pop the pieces into the dishwasher and the cup is ready to use the next day. There is the lid, the cup itself and the top ring that the lid screws on to. It’s fast, easy and simple to use. Stojo Pocket Coffee Cups come in a variety of fun colors and they hold up to 12 ounces of any beverage cold or hot are leak proof and easily collapse down to just two inches thick. You can buy these little convenient and “green” coffee mugs online for $19.99. Stojo Pocket Coffee Cup is truly a work of art and science.

“Stojo Pocket Coffee Cup – Is a must have coffee gadget for any coffee drinker.” – Espresso Gurus

Stojo The Cup: Coffee Gadget – How To Video

If your interested in purchasing Stojo The Future Coffee Cup, click the link below.

Stojo Pocket Beverage Cup (Click To Order)

Bruvelo – Coffee Machine Of Future

Bruvelo Coffee Gadget

5. Bruvelo – The Advance Coffee Machine

Bruvelo is one of those coffee gadgets that’s ideal for all you high tech coffee lovers. This little machine doesn’t just brew delicious coffee but it’s one of the most advanced coffee machines on the market today. For those of you who are also tech geeks you are going to love this gadget because it is an advanced coffee machine that is smartphone controlled and wireless enabled coffee maker. Bruvelo – The advance coffee machine was created by an American inventor in his garage. He was looking for the best way to automate his morning cup of coffee that also added a level of simplicity to brewing a cup of coffee. The Bruvelo is really very simple looking that has a glass base on it that has a touch screen added to it. Here you can use the touch screen to pick one of it’s three flavor profiles that have already been programmed into the automatic adjust grind and brew settings of this advanced coffee machine. Now, if you are one of those coffee lovers that want even more customization of your coffee machine there’s a smartphone app you can download and then connect to the Bruvelo through your Wi-Fi connection and then you can create a variety of your own recipes. You can also control the temperature, grounds to water ratio and the steep time for any bean you want and transfer this info over from the app to the advanced Bruvelo coffee machine for it to brew at a later time.

Bruvelo – High Tech Coffee Machine For The Perfectionist

The Bruvelo has a built-in ceramic grinder that grinds the right amount of beans depending on the profile you pick. It also has a digital scale inside of it that tells you exactly the amount of grams of beans you need to add based upon the grounds to water ratio that’s determined by the settings you choose. Bruvelo is the ideal coffee machine for high tech coffee lovers and can be purchased for $350 to $500.

Bruvelo is a coffee gadget from the future. It has traveled back in time and can become a reality for everyone who seek that perfect cup of coffee. You can visit the time traveler Dustin Sell’s kickstarter campaign here. Help make this future a part of our present.

Bruvelo – Coffee Gadget Of Future – Dustin Sell Video

Want to order a coffee gadget from the future yourself? Use the Amazon search tool to search for the perfect coffee gadget from the future and have it delivered today.

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