4 Critical Questions For Your Coffee Shop Grand Opening, You Must Know!

Coffee Shop Grand Opening

A grand opening is very important to the success of your coffee shop and the image that you want to portray to the community in which you are going to be serving. It takes time to build a good reputation for your business but you can destroy it immediately right from the start if you don’t plan for a good grand opening. The planning strategy for your grand opening will need to go beyond the signs, lowered prices, specials and slogans. You need to do a little more than that in order for it to be successful.

1# Who to Invite To Your Grand Opening?

It is important that you figure out who you want to invite to the grand opening of your coffee shop. Sure you want the whole community, but that’s not going to be possible for your opening day. Sometimes it’s a good idea to make your grand opening an invitation only type of grand opening so you can control who attends it. You should consider targeting members of the media and other influential members of your community. Or you can have a public grand opening where you still send out invitations to leaders of the community. For example if you live in a city that has a variety of different churches consider inviting the leaders of each church such as priests, rabbis, reverends and other religious leaders. You might also want to consider sending out invitations to different office managers, secretaries, receptionists and administrative assistants of the offices in the surrounding area.

2# What Kind of Grand Opening?

That’s totally up to you. Your coffee shop grand opening can be one that’s private and limited to just those who have invitations. You can also make it one that’s open to the public and you might even try to get a radio station to host a show remotely from your coffee shop to influence the public to come join in. You can offer contests and gifts through the live broadcast and this way the radio personalities can comment on your new place, the service, coffee and food and try to influence people to stop in for the grand opening.

3# When and How Long Should the Grand Opening Be?

Often people make the mistake thinking that a grand opening can be for only one day. That doesn’t have to be the case. You can have it be as long as a week where you can host a variety of different events that can be both public and private. Take advantage of more time in order to let the community feel like they are a bigger part of your grand opening than just one day. Some people have even had their grand opening last an entire month.

4# Where Should You Have Your Grand Opening?

Logic would say it should be held at the coffee shop and this is usually where grand openings are, at the place of business. But you don’t have to limit your grand opening to just there. You might want to hand out free samples of your coffee and food at different fairs, kiosks, bazaars, sporting events and other places  around the community before you actually have the grand opening day at your coffee shop. This way you’ll be able to get the community more interested in checking out your coffee shop on the big day.

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