Things You May Not Know You Can Add to Your Coffee

Things You Didn’t Know

You Could Add To Coffee

Of course there are a lot of coffee lovers out there, often though of as coffee purists who would say that coffee should only be consumed, black, black and more black. However, the rest of us coffee lovers see nothing wrong with adding a special ingredient that will give us a little extra to our regular coffee routine. I don’t mean just cream and sugar either. I’m talking about special ingredients that are going to give your coffee a little extra flair or kick.

So, I thought I’d search around and try and find a few unusual things that other coffee drinkers have tried in their coffee to switch things up a bit. Some are going to sound weird and others not so much. But how they taste will all depend on you and your own personal preferences. I do however suggest that you give them a fair shot and then find out for yourself what works for you.

Have fun and enjoy being different!

coffee and cardamom

This is a spice that you will find added to coffee quite often over in the Middle East. Cardamom is a spice that will give your coffee a slight exotic flavor that will wake up your taste buds first thing in the morning. A lot of people like to use it because it’s suppose to neutralize the effects of the caffeine and is great for the person who doesn’t like decaf because they feel it doesn’t taste the same as regular coffee. You just take some ground cardamom and sprinkle it into a cup of fresh brewed coffee and mix well. You can also add a few whole seeds to fresh coffee beans and grind them up together with your coffee grinder and then fresh brew your coffee.

things you didnt know you could add to coffee Salt

Some people use salt to help tone down any bitterness your coffee might have. Some people just take the salt and add it directly to the coffee grounds before they brew their coffee. Salt can also be a good addition to cold brew coffee. People who do this swear that a little bit of salt really enhances the flavor of the cold coffee.

Things You May Not Know You Can Add to Your Coffee Cinnamon

If you happen to be just a regular cream and sugar kind of coffee drinker then some of these ideas listed here might really make you run off. But if you don’t want to go way out on a limb switching up your coffee, at least give a little cinnamon a try. Adding cinnamon can actually help to give your immune system a boost and it simply adds a little flair and class to your morning coffee.

Real Vanilla Extract
Things You May Not Know You Can Add to Your Coffee Real Pure Vanilla Extract

I’m not talking about the imitation stuff you can get, I mean real vanilla. You can actually use real vanilla in your coffee instead of cream and sugar because just a few drops of this not only sweetens up your coffee but it will really give your coffee a different flavor. You can also use real almond extract as well.

Coconut Milk
Things You May Not Know You Can Add to Your Coffee Coconut Milk

You looking for a latte that’s non-dairy? Well you can achieve that by adding some coconut milk to your morning coffee. There may be those who don’t like the flavor of coconut milk, but, for those who do say that it really gives you a great alternative to using cream or regular milk. Just add it to some real vanilla extract and you have all you need for making your own homemade creamer.

Ice Cream
Things You May Not Know You Can Add to Your Coffee Ice Cream

Why not add a scoop of delicious ice cream to your coffee? This will instantly turn your cup of coffee into a delicious tasting dessert drink instead of your normal cup of coffee. This is a great way to liven up your coffee on a warm summer day. This is a popular way to serve coffee in Germany where they call it Eiskaffee.

Have fun experimenting!

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