Don’t Throw Those Coffee Grounds Away!

don't throw those coffee grounds away

Amazing Coffee Ground Uses

If you are a huge fan of coffee, then you know how much you enjoy brewing and drinking that wonderful beverage. You also know how you love getting that kick start to your day with this wonderful brown beverage. You also probably each day, throw away those used coffee grounds, don’t you? Well, don’t throw those coffee grounds away anymore, especially if you have a garden of any kind. That’s right, stop throwing those used coffee grounds away!

Coffee Grounds – Great Source of Organic Matter

Coffee Grounds – Great Source of Organic Matter

Believe it or not, those coffee grounds that you throw away every single day is wasting their potential. That’s because coffee grounds are a wonderful source of organic matter that you have at your disposal. When it comes to composting lingo, coffee grounds are considered “green” because they are extremely high in nitrogen content. Coffee grounds also contain a good amount of calcium, potassium, magnesium as well as some other trace minerals. All of which plants love and need.

Different Ways to Use Coffee Grounds in Your Garden

Different Ways to Use Coffee Grounds in Your Garden

There are several different ways that you can use your old coffee grounds to help your garden thrive. Here are just a few of those ways that you might want to consider doing before dumping those grounds into your trash can.

  1. Instead of throwing the coffee grounds into the garbage try putting them in your compost bin or pile if you have one. This will give your compost a nitrogen boost.
  2. Take your grounds and simply put them right into the soil of your garden. Just put it into the first couple of inches of soil or you can just sprinkle them right on top of the soil and just let it be.
  3. The grounds are also great for making a snail and slug barrier around your plants. Coffee grounds are acidic and abrasive and will harm any snail or slug that tries to cross the barrier to get to your plants. So, this barrier will protect any of your plants that attract these nasty garden pests.
  4. Make the grounds into a liquid fertilizer. You can do this by adding two cups of used coffee grounds to a five-gallon bucket of water. Let the grounds steep overnight and then you can pour this liquid fertilizer on your garden plants as well as any container plants you might have. This is a great natural fertilizer.
  5. Make a fluffy mulch by adding coffee grounds to chopped leaves. This is especially good for all of your acid loving plants you might have in your garden. Plants that will really love this are rhododendrons, azaleas, heather, evergreen shrubs as well as roses.

What Kind of Grounds to Use

When it comes to the type of coffee grounds to use, you can use either regular coffee or decaffeinated coffee. However, when it comes to the decaffeinated grounds you may want to take into consideration the method that is used to take out the caffeine. If you are a pure organic type of gardener then you want to make sure that the method used is what’s known as the Swiss water method because it uses charcoal filters instead of chemicals to remove the caffeine. If you are not sure of the method used then you should just stick with using regular coffee grounds.

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