Amazing Ways to Use Coffee Filters

Coffee Filters

If you’re a coffee drinker then you already have a good supply of coffee filters because you know you can’t make your favorite morning beverage without them. But, did you know that coffee filters are not just paper filters to be used just for coffee? That’s right, there is a multitude of things that you can do with your coffee filters without brewing a pot of coffee.

6 Coffee Filter Uses in the kitchen

In the Kitchen

Other than brewing your coffee, you can also use your coffee filters for the following things in your kitchen.

  • Coffee filters are the perfect item to use for spreading butter or oil on any cookie sheet or cooking pan. This is because the fibers in the filters aren’t going to break off like a napkin would do.
  • Don’t like those messes that are often made in your microwave when heating up food? Problem solved. Just use one of your coffee filters to stop that unwanted splatter. Just put a coffee filter over the top of your food and then cook as you normally would.
  • Love popsicles but hate the drip? Well just take a coffee filter and then take the stick of the popsicle and put it through the filter and viola you have a drip collector. You can also use it in the same way for an ice cream cone by putting the cone in the middle of the filter and wrap it around the cone to make it a cone wrapper.
  • Use your coffee filters can be put under French fries, fried chicken, and bacon to soak up the grease from this items.
  • Coffee filters are great to use as food holders for your kids. Kids will be able to eat tacos, pita sandwiches, hot dogs and other messy items with ease when you use your filters.
  • Turn your coffee filters into homemade tea bags for loose leaf tea. Just take your tea and fill with your favorite tea leaves and even some dried fruit peels. Then tie the filter with a string and then use like any other tea bag.

4 coffee filter cleaning uses

Cleaning Uses

There are a lot of different ways that you use coffee filters for cleaning a variety of different things. Here are just a few ways that you can use them for this purpose.

  • You can take a coffee filter to use as a rag if you can’t find one right away. They are much better to use than paper towels because coffee filters are free from lint and they won’t leave any fibers behind especially if cleaning glass.
  • You can safely use a coffee filter to clean your computer monitor, windows, and even your television screen and no lint will be left behind.
  • Coffee filters are a great thing to use for polishing your leather shoes. Just dab the coffee filter in your shoe polish and then use the filter to apply to your shoes and polish as you normally would.
  • Use filters to get those spills out of your carpet before they make a stain. When the spill is still wet just take a coffee filter and put it over the spill. The filter will immediately soak up the spill.

These are just a few of the amazing ways that you can use coffee filters besides brewing your coffee. Even if you don’t drink coffee, you might want to go out and buy some filters to always have on hand.

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  1. I mean, you can turn the coffee filters into juicers, you can use them to prevent rust, and you can even use them to make small party decorations.

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