unusual ways to use coffee beans and grounds

Clever Uses For Coffee Beans & Grounds

Because Coffee Is More Then Just Your Daily Jolt Of Energy!

Coffee isn’t just used for getting you going in the morning. If you love coffee then you are going to really love some of these unusual ways that you can use your coffee beans and grounds. With coffee as expensive as it is, it makes sense to consider getting every penny out of it as you can. Just look at some of the great ways you can use coffee beans and grounds!

DIY Coffee Painting Artwork

Painting Artwork

Believe it or not, artists have been using both coffee and tea as a type of paint for centuries. You can do the same thing if you like painting. All you need to do is take your coffee beans and grind them up and brew the grounds like you would normally. Once it’s done just take a paint brush and paint whatever you want on some cardstock and let it dry. It will come out with a brown textured look. Repeat and you can build upon your image and even create some depth.

DIY coffee pet repellent

Pet Repellent

Don’t like the neighborhood cats getting into your flowerbeds? Well just sprinkle some of your used grounds into your flowerbeds and because an animal’s sense of smell is much greater than ours so they will find the smell of the coffee very unpleasant. Better yet, you can also mix in some orange peels or any other type of citrus peels and this turns into a very potent mix enough to drive any cat away the minute it gets near your flowers or anywhere in your garden you place the coffee and peels at.

DIY coffee air freshener


Air Freshener

You can make your own coffee air freshener with some fresh ground coffee beans and a pair of nylons. Just grind up some fresh coffee beans, double up the nylons, fill with the grounds and tie off. You have an instant coffee air freshener and you can have the smell of fresh ground coffee anywhere and anytime you want.

DIY Coffee Fridge Deodorizer

Fridge Deodorizer

You can make a sachet for your fridge by taking some fresh coffee beans and grinding them up just like the air freshener and then make the same type of air freshener with nylons and then put the freshener at the back of your fridge. This in turn will reduce the odor of onions and other foods with strong smells.

DIY coffee fabric dye

Fabric Dye

The dark color of coffee is a great choice for giving fabric a worn out look and it can also give wood an aged patina. The coffee isn’t going to give you a really dark stain of dye but it will give you a nice looking weathered look if that’s what you’re after.

Dye – Just take some coffee beans and grind, then brew a pot of coffee from your fresh grounds and then take whatever fabric you are wanting to dye and put it in the brewed coffee. You might need to weigh down the fabric with something while it’s soaking so it doesn’t float to the top. You should keep the fabric in the coffee for 24 hours and then let it air dry. Try different strengths of coffee to achieve different dye shades.

REF: 5 Unusual Ways to Use Coffee Beans and Grounds – 15 clever ways to use coffee around the house


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