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USB Mug Warmer

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Looking for a way to do more than one thing at a time with your cup of coffee? Well, here’s a a coffee gadget that will help you do this. You can actually keep your coffee warm the whole time you’re drinking it and charge up your favorite devices at the same time from this mug warmer!

Keeps That Coffee Warm

Don’t you just hate how fast it seems your coffee gets cold while working at your desk during the day? Unless you are planning on drinking cold coffee, you more than likely hate taking a sip of your favorite coffee and it’s already lukewarm or cold. Well, not anymore with this mug warmer. This little device is small enough to fit easily even on the smallest and most cluttered of desks and keep any of your favorite hot beverages like, coffee, hot cocoa, or tea at the ideal temperature that your taste buds desire.

This handy little coffee gadget is the ideal gift for anyone who doesn’t have much room on their desk and who loves coffee that is kept at a constant temperature. The entire warming surface of this mug warmer is just three inches in diameter and it will keep the beverage at a constant temperature of around 100° F.

USB Mug Warmer With Four Port USB Charger For Sale
USB Mug Warmer (Click For Price | Order)

Mug Warmer – Not Just For Keeping Things Warm

This great coffee gadget is just not for keeping that coffee warm either. No, it goes a step further and can also be used as a charger with its four port USB charger. That’s right, you can also use it to charge up your favorite devices while enjoying that cup of coffee.

The length of the cord is plenty long enough to plug into an outlet near a desk and then while you are enjoying your morning coffee, or coffee anytime during the day you can also utilize the four different USB ports to charge up devices like a cell phone, laptop, tablet, you name it, whatever needs to be charged that uses USB hubs can be charged right from this small mug warmer.

USB Mug Warmer With Four Port USB Charger Price
USB Mug Warmer (Click For Price | Order)

Remove the Excess Clutter

This mug warmer is pretty convenient because if you are trying to find a way to get rid of some of the excess clutter on your desk, you can do so with this nifty coffee gadget. Instead of having a bunch of devices plugged in all over the place in different outlets, you can just use this one device, plug it into the wall and then add four different devices via USB connections and charge all of them up all in one place.

USB Mug Warmer – Great for Travel

This coffee gadget could be a great thing to take with you when you travel. Since it’s so small it’s not going to take up much room and you can use it in any hotel room for both keeping your coffee nice and warm but also use it for all your portable devices that you’ve brought with you and keep them charged up quickly and easily.

What a wonderful coffee gadget to have with you at home, work, or travel. Something every coffee lover should keep with them at all times.

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USB Mug Warmer (Click For Price | Order)


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