SEKway Portable Espresso Maker – Why You Need A Manual Espresso Maker!

SEKway Portable Espresso Maker

SEKway – Best Portable Espresso Maker

Love drinking espresso whenever and wherever you want to without wasting time in those long lines at the local coffee house? Well, guess what? You can with this portable hand held manual espresso maker made by SEKway. This small little machine lets you make espresso no matter where you are whether it’s at home, at work, or when you are on vacation.

Ranked Best Portable Espresso Maker

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Simple in Design and Easy to Use Manual Espresso Maker

This portable espresso maker is one that is extremely simple to use and it doesn’t require electricity or even batteries for it to work. All you need is some hot water and your favorite ground coffee for making espresso.

Enjoy The Outdoor Like Never Before With SEKway Manual Espresso Maker

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This sleek modern looking portable espresso maker just requires that you add some hot water, your coffee and then use the hand pump to make some great tasting espresso that is even topped with a rich crème. What could be easier? Don’t imagine you can.

Enjoy Freshly Brewed Espresso No Matter Where You Are With This Portable Espresso Maker

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SEKway Portable Espresso Maker – How It Works

This little manual espresso maker has two different cups in it. There is one cup that the hot water goes into and then the other cup is where the espresso is brewed into by pushing on the manual pump. That’s really all there is to brewing a cup of espresso wherever you might be.

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SEKway – Compact and Easy to Take Anywhere

This is an extremely compact little machine for making espresso no matter where you are as long as you have access to some hot water you’ll be in business. This means that this little machine is ideal for taking on hikes, camping, on a road trip, or to work.

This portable espresso machine is one that can prepare good quality coffee beverage that you love by using eight bars of pressure, amazing considering that it only uses the power of your hand to produce your favorite beverage with no bitterness or acidity.

SEKway manual espresso maker
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It’s small enough for you to put it in a backpack with ease or even in a purse. This means that if you’re at work and you really don’t want to drink the office coffee and you don’t have time to go to the local coffeehouse, you still can get a great tasting cup of espresso right at your very own desk. It measures just 7.2” x 2.4” x 2.8” and weighs 1.1 pounds.

SEKway Portable Espresso Maker Makes Espresso On The Go Easy!

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SEKway – Easy to Maintain and Clean

This portable espresso maker comes apart quite easily so that you can quickly clean it and put it back together so that it’s ready for your next cup of espresso with very little effort.

SEKway Portable Espresso Maker Is Easy To Use

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Portable Espresso Maker Makes a Great Gift

If you know someone that is an avid coffee drinker and has just about everything there is when it comes to coffee, this portable coffee maker could be just the item that they don’t have and would love to have. It’s ideal for those who are active and always on the go but don’t want to miss out on being able to have a cup of espresso no matter where they are. It’s also ideal for students or for those who may not have room in a small kitchen for a full sized espresso machine.

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