Innovative Coffee Thinking

Innovative Coffee Thinking

Coffee Innovations You Didn’t Know!

Coffee has been a staple all around the world for hundreds of years and people never seem to stop trying to find ways to make it taste different or serve it different than just a regular cup of coffee. There are all types of innovative ideas that people keep coming up with that revolves around coffee. In this article, we’ll take a look at just a few ideas that are circulating out there on the coffee market right now.

Innovative Coffee Idea #1

cofftea - Innovative Coffee Ideas


You read that right, Cofftea. This is an innovative coffee idea that is meant to make that early morning choice between coffee and tea a lot easier for coffee drinkers. They have developed a hybrid coffee-tea product that taps into the growing fascination for experimentation and healthier lifestyles. In the West, they are considering following a trend that’s been going on in Asia for years now. For example, Roispresso in the UK and Sweet Leaf’s Coffee-Tea in the US have combined coffee and tea together. They claim that a study has shown that tea brewed from coffee leaves could be an area of expansion because of the health benefits it’s supposed to have.

Innovative Coffee Idea #2

frozen coffee Innovative Coffee Idea

Frozen Coffee

That’s right frozen coffee, just like frozen orange juice. A company in the US called Old Orchard has come up with a product called Old Orchard Iced Coffee Cafe Mocha Concentrate. This frozen concentrated coffee blend is made from premium roast coffee and you just have to add water to it to start enjoying it immediately. Just like preparing orange juice in the morning.

Innovative Coffee Idea #3

butter coffee Innovative coffee idea

cup of fatty coffee with butter

Butter Coffee

There is a small niche that is beginning to grow in the coffee world and that’s butter coffee for some avid coffee drinkers. Right now it seems more like a gimmick, but many think that it may have the potential to become more than that. Dave Asprey obsessed with coffee introduced butter coffee in the US after he was inspired by a trip he made to Nepal. In Nepal, they make tea with yak butter and it’s a staple among the locals there. His new produce Bulletproof Upgraded Coffee drink blends coffee and unsalted, high-quality butter with coconut fat for a nice frothy and creamy brew. It’s actually supposed to taste great.

Innovative Coffee Idea #4

Mokate Cappuccino One Cup

Mokate Cappuccino One Cup

This coffee product is intended to give coffee a healthier kick. Mokate is one of the few companies that is creating some functional coffee mixes that include; Mokate Cappuccino that is enhanced with magnesium, guarana, acai, and fiber, La Movida Cappuccino z Magnezem another one that has additional magnesium in it. These are instant coffee drinks that offer an additional source of magnesium. Their hope is that more people will drink the coffee if they think it’s better for them.

Innovative Coffee Idea #5

Jed's Coffee Co. Bean Bags

Jed’s Coffee Co. Bean Bags

Trying to get people to drink coffee that’s more convenient to make has been a hard thing to do in some countries, especially in the UK. This is why Jed’s Coffee came up with the coffee bean bags. They have come up with the idea of putting freshly roasted ground coffee in pyramid tea bags. However, this still didn’t go over too well in the UK because of the poor perception of ground coffee by many coffee drinkers there. This is why Jed’s Coffee Co. came up with their coffee bean bags. These can be brewed right in your cup without having to use a plunger to get a great cup of coffee. The coffee is a full, rich, strong roast that is made from real fresh coffee that was roasted and packed in New Zealand. The bags the beans are in are made of biodegradable paper and are designed to brew the perfect cup of coffee.


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