Join the Pour Over Coffee Craze

join the pour over craze

Hottest Coffee Trend | Pour Over

No doubt if you’re a big coffee lover you are well aware of the pour over coffee craze that’s been going on for awhile. So, why stand there in those long lines at the coffee shop to get a cup? You don’t have to any longer with this double wall pour over coffee maker by Bolio. Now you can join in with the rest of the pour over coffee lovers right in your own home.

Pour Over Coffee Maker

Pour Over coffee Maker

Bolio Pour Over Coffee Maker (Check Price or Order)

Gives You an Enhanced Coffee Experience

This pour over coffee maker has a double wall insulated and vacuum sealed design that helps to keep your coffee nice and hot, just the way you like it. This is a key advantage that it has over other pour over coffee makers that are known for quickly losing heat and then you end up with lukewarm coffee. Their exclusive glass carafe and basket system is one that delivers the best and freshest coffee flavor and aroma of any other manual pour over coffee maker.

Has Stainless Steel Basket and Filter Stand

This pour over coffee maker has their own exclusive cone shaped basket that fits this coffee maker but will also work with other pour over carafes that use the V60 filter design. Their filter basket is reusable and separate from the stand itself and they both can be quickly and easily washed.

The special stainless steel basket is designed so that it lifts the coffee filter away from the glass carafe wall which allows for maximum breathability which in turn helps to create maximum flavor extraction for improved flavor and decreases the pour time.

Coffee Filter is Reusable

Not only is the filter basket reusable but the coffee filter is reusable as well. It’s a hemp filter that both mildew and bacteria resistant which makes it the top choice for reusable coffee filters. This filter is also extremely easy to clean and then pop back in to use again. After every use, you just need to rinse it out with some hot water and hang it up to be dried.

Expert’s Ranked Best Pour Over Coffee Maker

Best Pour Over Coffee Maker Ranked
Bolio Pour Over Coffee Maker (Check Price or Order)

Summing Up the Benefits

If you are really interested in pour over coffee then here is a recap of the benefits you’ll get from this particular pour over coffee maker:

  • Has improved coffee flavor and aroma and keeps the coffee hotter
  • Has an insulating anti-bacterial cork lid that is easily removed when you need to clean it
  • Made from high-quality food grade stainless steel
  • It’s easy to use and clean
  • 100% organic and is eco-friendly
  • Environmentally friendly with the stainless steel filter and hemp coffee filters that can be reused

How To Use Bolio Pour Over Coffee Maker Video

Bolio Pour Over Coffee Maker (Check Price or Order)

Risk-Free Guarantee

Bolio is so confident in their little coffee maker that they offer a risk-free guarantee with it. If after using it for four weeks you are not happy with the results they will return all of your money. With that kind of a guarantee then there’s really no reason why you shouldn’t give this neat little pour over coffee maker a try.

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Bolio Pour Over Coffee Maker (Check Price or Order)


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