Go Camping and Still Enjoy Your Espresso

Manual Espresso Maker & Coffee Grinder

Love to go camping, fishing and/or hiking but, you hate leaving your espresso behind? Well, guess what? You don’t have to be without your espresso when you are out in the great outdoors anymore. Not with this great little Manual Espresso Maker and Coffee Grinder by BNEST.

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Manual Espresso Maker and Grinder Price

Not Just an Espresso Maker

You’re really going to love this little manual espresso maker because not only can you make yourself some great espresso while out exploring the outdoors, you can even grind your own coffee. That’s right, this little manual espresso also can grind fresh coffee beans for you. This means you can brew your espresso either with very fine powder grounds or coarse ones. It also ensures that your coffee will be the freshest that it can be even if you’re out camping far from civilization.

Portable Espresso Maker Review
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Lightweight and Quiet

There’s nothing like enjoying the quiet of the great outdoors and with this manual espresso maker, you won’t have to worry about disturbing the peace because the handle on the conical burr mill is noise free and easy to use. Plus this little machine is extremely lightweight so it’s easy to pack in a backpack when you’re camping or hiking.

BNEST Manual Coffee Maker Review

BNEST Manual Coffee Grinder Review
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No Power Needed and Easy to Use

If you’re out somewhere there’s no power provided you won’t have to miss out on your morning espresso because there are no batteries or electric power needed to brew great tasting espresso. This little machine just requires hand power, coffee grounds, and some hot water and that’s all there is to it. The best thing about the grinder is that you can adjust the grind of your favorite coffee beans which means you can enjoy your own personal flavor anytime that you want. Can’t ask for much more coming from such a small little espresso maker!

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Looks Good and is Sturdy

On top of being so easy to use this manual espresso maker looks really cool too. Plus it’s constructed well which makes it very durable. This is pretty important when you’re out in the great outdoors where it might get banged around or even dropped.

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Not Just for the Great Outdoors

Even though one of the main reasons why this machine was made was for people who love the great outdoors and their espresso too, it’s not just good for those occasions. This would be great for someone who travels a lot but doesn’t want to always wait in those long coffee house lines for a morning cup of espresso. Instead, they can just make their own as long as they have access to some hot water. It’s also great for someone who might be in college or has a very small and confined living area and there’s no room for one of those big espresso machines.

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No matter where you go or where you are, if you love espresso and want it quick and easy then there’s no doubt you might really like this nice little espresso maker. On top of its great size and its convenience, BNEST Manual Espresso Maker is very easy to take apart for quick and easy cleaning.

Manual Espresso Maker and Grinder Price


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