crazy cool coffee gadgets

5 Crazy Cool Coffee Gadgets

Must Have Coffee Gadgets:

There’s no doubt that coffee is universal and it’s something that has been around for centuries and doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere soon except for in your coffee mug each morning. No wonder they are always coming up with more and more really cool coffee gadgets for all of you caffeine lovers out there. In this post, we’ve put together a five of those crazy cool coffee gadgets that you may not have seen yet. For the convenience of the coffee-holics out there reading this post, we’ve also included links to where you can buy these crazily cool coffee gadgets at the best prices. Think of it as a bonus for reading this awesome post. You won’t have to go crazy all over the internet trying to find where you can buy these cool coffee gadgets. So without any further ado, Espresso Gurus presents to you Five Crazy Cool Coffee Gadgets That You Must Have!

Crazy Cool Coffee Gadgets

Cool Coffee Gadget #1

Piamo Microwave Espresso Maker

Crazy Cool Coffee Gadgets - Piamo Microwave Espresso Maker

Piamo Espresso Maker

Most people who drink espresso would never think that microwaves and espresso should ever be said in the same sentence let alone go together. However, the people at Piamo seem to disagree with that assumption. In fact, to prove this, they have made a tiny cup that makes individual portions of espresso coffee right in your microwave in about 30 seconds. They claim it makes great tasting espresso with no clutter on your kitchen counter top with a big expensive espresso coffee maker.

This is one of those coffee gadgets that can be hard to believe that it works. Piamo claims it does and this is how easy it is to do. Just fill water in the water chamber of the little cup and put in either a coffee pad or some ground espresso into the filter. Stack this onto the cup and then flip it around. Next, put the little cup in the microwave and let the microwave do the work. During the process pressure from the heat builds up and presses the water through your coffee resulting in a quick, mess-free cup of espresso.

Cool Coffee Gadget #2

Zevro Ground Coffee Dispenser

crazy cool coffee gadgets - Zevro ground coffee dispenser

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Zevro Ground Coffee Dispenser Price

Zevro Ground Coffee Dispenser

Everyone who loves their coffee wants to make sure that it’s kept nice and fresh and Zevro has the answer for that. This is one of those cool coffee gadgets that you’ll love to have around because it’s a storage container in a sleek design that helps keep your coffee nice and fresh and it dispenses the correct amount of coffee for the perfect cup each time.

This little coffee gadget is designed to measure one tablespoon of coffee at a time and can also be used to put ground coffee directly into a coffee maker or an espresso machine. It is specially designed to keep your coffee fresh for its maximum flavor. It’s specifically designed for those who grind their own coffee and want to ensure freshness. The dispenser can hold enough coffee for a week keeping it fresh the entire time. It also has a sleek design so it will look great in any kitchen.


Zevro Ground Coffee Dispenser Price

Cool Coffee Gadget #3

Capresso Automatic Milk Frother

Crazy Cool Coffee Gadgets - Capresso automatic milk frother - Froth Pro

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Capresso Automatic Milk Frother Price

Capresso Automatic Milk Frother

Now here’s a nifty coffee gadget for all those coffee lovers who don’t have a frother or steam wand on their espresso or coffee maker. It is specifically designed to produce some of the best foam with very little effort on your part.

This is one of those cool coffee gadgets that you just can’t live without if you love those great tasting lattes and cappuccinos. This milk frother creates perfect frothing action by gently and quickly whipping as much air into your milk while heating it. This little coffee gadget has three different temperature settings as well, hot, warm, and cold.

This is one of those coffee gadgets that take away any worries about learning how to use a steaming wand. It’s so simple to use too. All you do is add some milk to the pitcher, push a button and the frother does all the rest for you. You can even heat milk without any froth by just replacing the frothing disk at the bottom of the frothing pitcher with its flat heating disk and the machine will heat and stir the milk without scalding it. You can even use the cold setting it has to make a cold milk froth for iced cappuccinos.


Capresso frothPRO Automatic Milk Frother Price

Capresso frothPLUS Automatic Milk Frother Price

Capresso FrothTEC Automatic Milk Frother Price

Capresso FrothMAX Automatic Milk Frother Price

Cool Coffee Gadget #4

Hario Coffee Mill Grinder

Crazy Cool Coffee Gadgets You Must Have - Hario Ceramic Coffee Mill Grinder - Portable Coffee Grinder

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Hario Ceramic Coffee Mill Grinder Price

Hario Ceramic Coffee Mill Grinder

This cool coffee gadget is one that will take you way back to the “old days” because it’s a true old fashioned hand grinder that does have to be cranked by hand to grind your coffee beans. If you are a person who likes things that are retro then you can’t go wrong with this little coffee gadget. Yes, it might be a little more work than an automatic grinder but you have more control over how well the beans get ground. Plus it looks great in any kitchen and will definitely be a talking piece with family and friends.


Hario Ceramic Coffee Mill Grinder Price

Hario Mini Mill Slim Hand Coffee Grinder Price

Hario Canister Ceramic Hand Coffee Grinder Price

Cool Coffee Gadget #5

ZOKU Iced Coffee Maker

Crazy Cool Coffee Gadgets - ZOKU Iced Coffee Maker

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Zoku Iced Coffee Maker Price

Zoku Iced Coffee Maker

Now here’s a really cool coffee gadget. A travel mug that also serves as an iced coffee maker. Yes, you heard that right. ZOKU has come up with an extremely easy way for you to make the perfect cup of iced coffee. All you have to do is just pour some of your fresh brewed coffee into the travel much and then take the special insulating sleeve and slip it on. In just a few minutes your coffee will be converted into a perfectly chilled mug of coffee. The best thing about this crazy cool coffee gadget, you don’t even need ice to make it work. Now, how’s that for quick and easy?


ZOKU Iced Coffee Maker Price

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