How to age paper with coffee

Learn To Age Paper With Coffee

Coffee isn’t just for drinking. There are a lot of different things that you can do with coffee other than drinking it. You can use it for anything from gardening to creative uses. One of those creative uses we’re covering here is using coffee for aging paper. By using coffee staining, you can take a pearly white piece of paper and transform it into antique paper that has an aged appearance with an almost parchment-like texture. So if your wondering how you can learn to age paper with coffee with a step-by-step tutorial you’re in luck today. Continue reading and learn to age paper with coffee for yourself.

How To Age Paper With Coffee

the art of aging paper with coffee explained

To Age Paper With Coffee: You’ll Need

With coffee staining, you can antique almost any kind of paper you want, even book pages. Here are the things you’ll need to do the staining with:

  • Large Pan – It needs to be big enough to hold the paper you want to stain with coffee. If you don’t want to use a pan you can always use a large bucket. You can also use a shallow baking dish for a single page so it can lie flat and be totally submerged.
  • Inexpensive Coffee – You won’t want to use expensive coffee for your paper aging, so make sure to just get the cheapest coffee you can find. The best coffee stain is one that usually has three parts coffee and one part water. If you make it on the weaker side, it will still work, you’ll just have to wait longer for your paper to stain.
  • Boiling Water – Boil some water and as soon as it starts boiling put it in your container you’re using to stain the paper in.
  • Somewhere to Hang the Paper – If it’s nice weather out you can use a clothesline or a rope you hang up so you have a place to hang the wet paper to dry. You can also use a drying rack used for dish towels or anything the paper can dry on. Make sure that you have something under it to catch the coffee drips.

How to Age Paper With Coffee Instructions

How to Age the Paper

Follow these directions and you should have some great looking aged paper in no time at all.

  1. Set your empty pan on a flat surface and then pour in your coffee grounds. If you need more coffee later, that’s okay. You can add more coffee while the coffee steeps if you want a darker color of paper.
  2. Now take the boiling water and pour it into the container making sure the coffee grounds are covered. Let the coffee sit in the hot water for at least 5 minutes and then adjust the strength of the coffee if you want.
  3. Take the paper you want to stain and put it in the container with the water and coffee and let it steep. The amount of time you let the paper steep is totally up to you and how much coffee staining you want on the paper you’re using. You can let it steep anywhere from 5 minutes to 24 hours.
  4. When the paper appears to be a shade or two lighter than you actually want it, take it out of the coffee stain. The paper is going to darken a little more as it is drying.
  5. When you hang the paper, be very careful because the paper is going to be very fragile while it’s wet. Once the paper is dry, you can put it back in the coffee stain if it’s not as dark as you want it to be. If it’s the color you want then you can put a heavy book on it to press it flat and then shortly after that, it’s ready to use for whatever project you need it for.

Once you have your aged paper you can use it for a variety of different things such as writing paper, greeting cards, antique notebook, whatever you want. Antique paper can also make a great gift. All you have to do is let your imagination take over.

This is also a good project to do with your kids. You’ll just have to watch them closely when it comes to handling the hot water when it’s being poured on the coffee.


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