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In today’s world drinking a “typical” cup of coffee is often anything but typical and it may not even be a cup. With innovation fueling the growth of gourmet coffee drinking all over the country, the latest data about coffee drinking shows that there is a huge market shift toward higher quality premium coffee beverages. This tends to be especially true with younger coffee drinkers. Here is some information on how the coffee drinking market is rapidly changing.

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Big Time Switch to Gourmet

It really wasn’t all that long ago that coffee drinking was associated with the traditional percolated brew. This coffee most generally was consumed at home in the kitchen at the kitchen table. Now, the most current perception of coffee drinking has expanded way out to include the afternoon nitro cold brew, or a bottle they get from a vending machine somewhere. For the first time in nearly 70 years, more than half of the coffee (59% to be exact) that is consumed on a daily basis can be considered to be gourmet. In 2012 that percentage was at 46%.

It seems for the moment however, the traditional drip brewers are still holding on to be the most common way to prepare coffee, but just barely. In fact this year the percentage dipped to actually 46% of the people who drank coffee on a daily basis still prepared their coffee with a drip brewer.

Coffee Drinking Landscape Gradually Changing With Younger People

With the emerging popularity of premium coffee beverages breaking into the mainstream, such as cold brew, frozen blended coffees, and nitro brews, the coffee drinking landscape is definitely seeing a change. With regular coffee being left behind with a more specialty coffee designation gradually taking its place.

These new coffee drink trends, however, seem to be predominantly being consumed by people who are under the age of 35. Of course for the coffee industry, this suggests that there’s good potential for long-term growth opportunities for this type of coffee. It also seems that younger people might be drinking less coffee than older people, however, they’re drinking what’s considered to be better coffee and they are drinking it much differently.

Want Their Coffee Whenever and Wherever

Recent reports have discovered that coffee drinking outside of the home reached a new high in 2017. It seems now a lot of coffee drinkers (46%) are not drinking coffee they’ve prepared at home. Recent reports also show that where a person drinks their coffee can be strongly linked to their age. For example, people that are 65 or older tend to still drink most of their coffee at home. While those coffee drinkers under the age of 35 tend to drink more coffee at a cafe or even a donut shop instead of at home.

One of the main reasons why younger drinkers may prefer to drink their coffee somewhere else is because of their keen interest in discovering new flavors and new kinds of coffee preparations. By drinking coffee away from home they can more easily be exposed to new trends and new beverages. Another reason is also because of their mobile lifestyles and their dependence of WiFi. The coffee industry quickly picked up on this and that’s why you see so many coffee shops with free WiFi available.

For those in the coffee industry, this mobile generation works in their favor because it gives them a multitude of opportunities to introduce new types of brewing methods and all kinds of new coffee beverages.

Ready to Drink Products

It was the convenience and quality that helped to promote the popularity of the single serve brewer phenomenon that became the second most common way to brew coffee in 2017. Now, because of this, there is a rise in the ready to drink products. These coffee beverages offer a cafe style coffee taste on demand.

Right now, the ready to drink coffee beverages is most popular with coffee drinkers from ages 13 to 18. But, as more coffee drinkers discover this new coffee culture, there will more than likely be a bigger demand for this niche of beverages. Eventually, this trend will continue to keep growing and make its way into the mainstream. This is the type of trend that will help to enable those smaller brands to start reaching bigger audiences and let them introduce different gourmet ready to drink coffee beverages to people who have never had the opportunity to try them before.

These younger coffee drinkers generally don’t feel as confident in brewing their own coffee so this is one of the reasons why theses ready to drink coffee beverages tend to attract them. Plus, these ready to drink beverages tend to offer a range of different gourmet options that seem to appeal more to younger coffee drinkers such as cold brew to canned espresso.

Period of Transformation

The coffee market currently seems to be undergoing what seems to be a period of transformation. This transformation looks like it’s being driven hard by the demands of a new generation of coffee drinkers along with the influence of all the new coffee innovations that are hitting the market.

With all the changes, demands, and innovations that keep bombarding the market, there’s no telling what coffee drinking will be like in the next five to ten years.

Let’s just hope that it’s still something we can recognize as coffee.


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