Unique Holiday Gift Ideas For 2017

Unique Holiday Gift Ideas For 2017

The mayhem of holidays are upon us and everyone is running around looking for that perfect holiday gift idea. The chaos and confusion of searching for the perfect gift for that special person in your life can get over whelming at times. If your stuck in this vicious cycle like everyone else worry not, because Espresso Gurus has come to the rescue this year. Instead of wasting hours searching for the perfect gift why not let us show you what everyone wants and will think the world of you for it. So just relax and grab yourself your favorite cup of coffee while you go through our unique holiday gift ideas for 2017. With Espresso Guru on your side you can spend more time with your loved ones and less time in long lines at the stores. So without making you wait any further lets jump into our 2017 unique holiday gift ideas.

Gift Idea Love Meter Explained

Espresso Gurus unique gift ideas has a unique love measuring metrics, called the love meter. Through our love meter you can decide which gift would be the perfect gift for anyone. Not everyone holds the same value in our lives. There are different situations for every occasion. Some times you just need to give a gift for the heck of it and other times you need to show how much you truly love that person. Espresso Gurus has developed its own love measuring metric called the love meter. Using this love metric it will become incredibly easy to decide on which gift to give. Before you jump into our unique holiday gift ideas its best you understand the meaning of each love meter reading. There’s only a total of 3 so this should be fun and easy.

Here’s the breakdown of our gift love meter

1. Gift ideas under this meter reading mean these holiday gift ideas are most suitable for people you care the least amount for. You just need to give them a gift to shut them up. Yes, we know its cruel but its true.

1# Only Gift No Love Attached

Holiday Gift ideas Love Meter

2. Gift ideas under this meter reading mean these holiday gift ideas are most suitable for people you love but aren’t so sure about how much they love you back. These gift ideas will be in the middle range as far as cost goes so your in the middle of everything hanging in air. If they love you too so they won’t be mad you got them something terrible but if they don’t love you back you won’t be mad that you spent a fortune on their gift. It’s a win-win either way.

2# 50/50 One Way Love Not Sure Yet

Gift ideas Love Meter

3. Gift ideas under this meter reading mean these holiday gift ideas are most suited for people you love the most. People who mean the world to you, whether you know it, like it or whatever they might think it does not matter to you because you love them from the bottom of your heart. With these people your not worried about how much you spend on their gift all your worried about is making them happy and feel on the top of the world.

3# Love, Love, Love All The Way

Unique Gift Ideas Love Meter

Glad we got that covered! Now that you know what our love meter means you can continue your journey on finding the perfect holiday gift through our Unique Holiday Gift Ideas.

For your convenience we’ve split our gift ideas into 5 sections:

  • Unique Gift Ideas For Her
  • Unique Gift Ideas For Him
  • Unique Gift Ideas For Kids
  • Unique Gift Ideas For Seniors
  • Unique Gift Ideas For Friends

Unique Holiday Gift Ideas 2017

The Journey Begins…

Unique Gift Ideas For Her

Unique Gift Ideas For Her

We will tackle unique gift ideas for her first, because we all know that all hell can break loose if you don’t get that special lady something she likes this holiday.

Holiday Gift ideas Love Meter for her

1 # Life Around 2 Angels: Made in USA – Bath Bombs 12 Gift Set

The perfect gift for any female you don’t really like or want to spend too much money on, but must give a gift to. This type of ladies are usually your bosses, managers, The evil girl friend of someone you know or for that one female you hate but must keep in good terms with. You get the point, right.

Under $30 Plus Free Shipping (Limited Time)

Female Gift Set - Bath Bombs made in USA - Perfect gift for women

About the product:
12 uniquely handcrafted bath bombs. Functional and relaxing.
Made with premium USA natural ingredients.
Therapeutic and Moisturizing bath bombs.
To purchase the bath bombs: CLICK HERE

Gift ideas Love Meter

2 # Love Necklace by Nano Jewelry

Want to impress that special lady in your life? Want to give her something that will definitely get her attention, but don’t want to break the bank while doing it? Then this is the gift you should get her this holiday season. It’s the ultimate statement of how much you love her. No lady can say no to “I Love You” in 120 different languages especially when its done in GOLD.

Price Starting from $130 + Free Returns (Limited Time)

Nano Jewelry - Love Necklace - Unique Gift Ideas Of 2017 For the special Lady

This gift item is very popular among the ladies, and sure is something they can brag about in front of their friends. Get her this and let the good times begin. To purchase the love necklace by nano jewelry: CLICK HERE.

Unique Gift Ideas Love Meter

3 # 1 1/2 Carat TW Diamond Three Stone Ring in 10K Yellow Gold

This is where you go all in. The ultimate gift for the one and only. There’s a reason they say “A diamond is a mans best friend.” because it gets the man what he wants the most. If your all in with your relationship and money is no object in that relationship then you can never get better then this. Oh wait, you can if you get her a bigger diamond. But this beauty is something she will love you for the rest of her life. This is a TW certified diamond ring that comes with its own certificate of authenticity. Best of all this three stone diamond ring is currently on sale at a huge discount. The retail price of this ring is $2,499.00 but if you act quick and order this ring now you can get it for only $999.00. That my friend is a huge discount of 60% which will get you a savings of $1,500.00. This ring is the solution to all of your love problems. Yeah it’s a bit expensive but hey, you only fall in love once. So go ahead and break into your savings this holiday season and get this relationship saver. Sure there are tons of rings out there but the reason we picked this one is because it has a very unique design and not to mention that you get a $2,499.00 ring for only $999.00. So, don’t wait buy yourself a hall pass for the rest of the year and get her this ring.

Priced $999.00 (Limited Time Sale)

Diamond three stone ring - Unique Holiday Gift Ideas For women - This the ultimate gift for any lover

To save over $1,500.00 and make your special lady feel like the queen she is, you can buy this ring by CLICKING HERE.

Unique Gift Ideas For Him

Unique Gift Ideas For Him

It’s time to pick out the perfect unique gift for your man. He provides food, shelter and security, well maybe not, but he does look great trying to do it. So why not surprise him with something that will blow his mind and make him feel like the man he is.

Holiday Gift ideas Love Meter

1 # SINJIMORU iPhone Charging Dock 

If there’s one thing every guy likes, it’s cool gear and this iPhone Charging Dock is one of the coolest ways you can charge that phone up to its max so you can spend hours chatting. This gift idea is not meant for everyone just for the guys you casually meet or know and must give a gift to for sake of the holidays. But, hey if your man could be satisfied with it why not. It’s pretty light on the pocket and looks extremely cool sitting anywhere. Make your man look sophisticated or extremely sharp by getting him this Cool iPhone Charging Dock.

Priced Under $25 (Buy, before it runs out)

holiday gift ideas for men you dont love but care for

Buy this holiday gift for men you don’t necessarily love, but care for: CLICK HERE

Gift ideas Love Meter

2 # Como Audio: Solo – Wireless Music System with Internet Radio, Spotify Connect, Wi-Fi, FM, and Bluetooth – Walnut/Black

Like we said earlier men love cool stuff especially if that cool stuff makes noise and this Como Audio System makes a lot of it. This is a one of a kind wireless music systems that is sure to get his attention and love. This gift is most suited for guys you know you love but your not sure if they feel the same. It won’t break the bank with its pretty low price of $299.00 but it is sure to let him know that your really into him and want to take this relation to the next stage. With this gift you’ll find out what he feels for you. If the reaction is a simple “Thank You” you’ll know that this relationship is a one way street and not to put anymore hard earned money into it, but if its a hug with a electrifying kiss then you’ll know that this relationship is bound to blossom into something huge. So go ahead and spend that $299.00 after all its a small cost to find out whats on his mind.

Priced Under $300

best gifts for men this holiday that will surely get his attention and love

Find out what he truly thinks of you, buy this gift: CLICK HERE


Unique Gift Ideas Love Meter

3 # TAG Heuer Men’s CV2A1R.BA0799 Stainless Steel Watch

This is not only a TAG Heuer men’s watch but it’s a symbol of how much you truly love him. If your trying to get your man something he won’t ever forget or something that will always remind him of you then this is it. Every time he checks time he will remember who bought him this special watch. Get him this watch this holiday season and watch how he becomes obsessed with you. There is nothing in this world that tells a man how much you love him more then something that he carries with him all the time. This gift idea is not meant for your casual encounters or the casual flirts but its meant for a higher purpose. The purpose of true love. This watch will break your bank with its price tag of $3,255.00 but its bound to make him a one women man for the rest of his life. A small price to pay for his love until death does you apart.

Price $3,255.00 

The Best Gift For Men - The Ultimate Symbol of how much you love him. Get him this watch and watch your man change into something dreams are made of.

To kick everyone else out and take over his heart full time buy this watch now! CLICK HERE

Unique Gift Ideas For Kids

Unique Gift Ideas For Kids

It’s finally time for the kids. If your already past the love train and have settled down with your significant other most likely your bound to have kids. Although its not hard buying gifts for kids especially if there not your own but its rocket science when your trying to buy gifts for your own kids. The reason? Because you love your kids more then anything else in this world even more then the person who gave them to you. So lets face it there are three types of gifts 1. Kids of friends, 2. Kids of your brother or sister and finally your own munchkins. So without making you wait any longer because we know you have to get this done ASAP let knock this one out quickly.

Holiday Gift ideas Love Meter

1 # LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar 75184 Building Kit 

Like the love meter shows, this gift is not for your own kids or kids you care or love. This gift is for your friends kids. These are the kids you kind of hate because they pretty annoying and usually disturb your gatherings at the wrong times. May it’s the kids who always leave a mess at your home or clog the toilets leaving you to clean them afterwards. But either ways its the holidays and you need to give these brats something to show your friends you care (Which you don’t). So obviously you don’t want to spend to much money on their gift but at the same time you want the gift to look pretty big when its wrapped up in gift wrap. Here is the solution get these annoying brats a LEGO Star Wars Building kit, because who doesn’t love Star Wars? The kids will love it, your friend will think very highly of you and best of all you’re going to achieve this goal with a mere $32.00 dollars. It doesn’t get any better then this.

Priced Under $35

best gift ideas for kids this holiday season

To get it over with just buy it: CLICK HERE

Gift ideas Love Meter

2 # Holy Stone HS160 Shadow FPV RC Drone with 720P HD Wi-Fi Camera Live Video Feed 2.4GHz 6-Axis Gyro Quadcopter for Kids & Beginners

Here is the perfect holiday gift idea for kids that are not yours but you actually love them. These are the munchkins of your sister or brother most likely, but it can be kids of other people as well. As long as you love these kids and there not your this gift is perfect for them for two reasons. It’s not very expensive and it’s pretty cool. In fact I would have loved my uncle or aunt if they got me one of these when I was a kid. It’s priced just right at only $89.99 and comes with everything that special kid needs to experience the world of drones. If you don’t believe me ask any kids its the craze these days with kids. They love flying drones and if it has camera fitted on top with a joy stick remote they will go nuts over it.

Priced Under $90

best gifts for kids this Christmas

You can buy this COOL drone system by CLICKING HERE 

Unique Gift Ideas Love Meter

3 # Razor MX650 Rocket Electric Motocross Bike

Here is the ultimate gift you can buy your kid this holiday. If your looking for something that will truly amaze your kid then this Razor MX650 Rocket Electric Motocross Bike is the answer to your prayers. This will not only show how much you love them but will also help your kids get out more. Instead of wasting thousands of dollars on those expensive computer systems or video game consoles which will make your kids sit at home all day long and not get any physical activity, get your kids this electric bike. It’s safe because the max speed only goes up to 17mph and does not require any gasoline because its electric. Simply charge this bad boy and let your kids have fun out doors. It’s bound to make your kids get out and experience nature. Unless your happy watching your kids get over weight sitting at home all day long in front of screens playing video games, your best choice for the perfect gift for your kids this holiday is this electric bike. Best part about it is that it’s priced just right at only $471.00, so it’s not something you have to sell the house or get a second mortgage for. Let your kids have fun while getting to experience nature and the required physical activity they need. Buy this gift for your kids and watch how they get their chores and homework done by them selves daily.

Priced Under $500

The best gift for your kids this holiday season - Show your kids how much you love them with this Motocross Bike

To get this electric bike at the discounted price of $471 CLICK HERE

Unique Gift Ideas For Seniors

Unique Gift Ideas For Seniors

It’s time to take care of the senior citizens in our lives. Yes these are the people you’ve ignored all year long because your too busy with work or friends. Maybe you didn’t even have 5 minutes to give them a simple call to ask how they were. These special people are your parents or grand parents. These people are the reason of your existence and made you who you are. These people worked long hours and took odd jobs if they had to, but made sure you always had everything you needed or wanted. They celebrated your birthdays, planned your future, got you up everyday to get you ready for school so you could have the job you have right now. They pushed you to achieve your dreams. They stayed awake next to your bed and read you stories because you were too scared to go to sleep alone. But now, when they needed you the most you left them all alone either in a nursing home or even at home, because your too busy in your life, the life they helped you achieve. Well, don’t be too hard on yourself because you can make it up with these awesome gift ideas for senior citizens. These gifts will show them that you have not forgotten them and you love them even if you don’t have time to spend with them. So without crying any further lets get down to it and make these special people feel special for once.

Holiday Gift ideas Love Meter

1 # Shiatsu Pillow Massager with Heat

This gift my friend is most suited for that monster in law in your life. You know you hate them but without them you would not have that special person in your life. After all it was their sperm that made your spouse. It’s weird how someone so annoying and evil could give birth to someone so special. But hey it’s the holidays and guess what you have to get them something to make your wife/husband happy. Do it for your spouse, we know you don’t want to but don’t worry we found the perfect gift (CHEAP) for this senior citizen in your life. It’s a Shiatsu pillow massager with heat. You know they need it after all it must do heavy damage to their shoulders and neck bad mouthing you all day long every day. They take the time out of their busy lives to remind your husband/wife how your not doing the best you could or how your spouse could have been so much happier with someone else. They deserve this massager. It will show them you really care about them and their health and you feel their pain. If you don’t want your monster in law to die early of neck or shoulder pains then buy them this gift. Hey it just might change their mind about you and if it does not maybe the massager will malfunction and somehow press a vital pressure point that will help your monster in law leave this world early.

Priced Under $40

best gift ideas for mother in law

To buy this massager for your monster in law CLICK HERE

Gift ideas Love Meter

2 # iRobot Roomba 650 Robot Vacuum

The perfect gift for seniors in your lives that you love and care about. With old age comes less physical activity ability, its the harsh truth of reality. But this does not mean your special seniors should be living in a messy home. The iRobot Roomba 650 Robot Vacuum can help with that. Buy your parents or grand parents something useful this holiday, something they will thank you for and something you will be glad you bought them. This is like a personal assistant that will help them keep the home clean all the time all without them even lifting a finger (well they might have to press a button or two to get it started) but that’s all. Press a button and leave it to your personal robot vacuum cleaner to keep the place clean. This is the perfect gift idea for your parents and it won’t cost you an arm and a leg either. It’s currently priced at a huge discount for only $299. If you act quick and buy this piece of future tech now you can save almost $75 (20% discount) on it. Make your parents proud, feel happy doing it, what more could you ask for this holiday? Having seconds thoughts well don’t because the satisfaction level for this product is backed by over 5,700+ satisfied customers.

Price $299

The perfect gift idea - iRobot Roomba 650 Robot Vacuum - Best gift for holiday season for seniors

You can buy this personal robot vacuum by Roomba right now by CLICKING HERE

Unique Gift Ideas Love Meter

3 # KRUPS Super Automatic Espresso | Coffee | Cappuccino Machine

This gift is not meant for people on a budget. If your on a budget and love your seniors then the above gift is the perfect choice however if money is not one of your problems then this is it my friend. Everyone loves coffee and the large variety of hot beverages that can be made with it but the problem comes when you get old you don’t have the strength to get in your car and drive all the way to your favorite coffee shop then wait in long lines for that perfect hot cup of Joe. This is where the KRUPS line of super automatic espresso machines come to the rescue. These bad boys are called bean to cup machines for a reason. They have a built in coffee grinder for the freshest coffee taste and flavor. Easy to use. In fact its a one touch system. Pour your favorite brand of coffee beans in the bean hopper and press the button for your favorite type of drink and voila! You have barista quality coffee drink within seconds all in the comfort of your own home. The reason we call it the ultimate gift for seniors is because it does everything for them. This baby will set you back around $500 to $3000 depending on which model of KRUPS Super Automatic Espresso Machine you decide to purchase. We recommend the KRUPS EA8250 Espresseria for the simple reason because its the best value for the money. The higher end models do have more features attached to them but the KRUPS Espresseria will do almost everything your special senior requires.

Price Under $500

KRUPS EA8250 Espresseria Super Automatic Espresso Machine - Gift Ideas

To Purchase KRUPS Super Automatic Espresso Machine CLICK HERE

Unique Gift Ideas For Friends

Unique Gift Ideas For Friends

Finally Gift Ideas For The FRIENDS. Lets face it these are the people you can’t live without or sometimes live with. These are the special people in your lives who are always there for you in your low tides and have a great adventure with you in your high tides. It’s the people who come running to your rescue when you have a flat tire and sometimes these are the people who never pay you back the money they borrowed for a day. These are the people you love celebrating all of your happy times with. These are the people who you get together with to gossip all night long. These are the dudes who call your wife up to let her know that your helping them setup the garden when in reality your at the bar. These are your girls that help you spy on your husband. These are the guys you can ask for a quick $100 to pay your cell phone bill. These are the girls that will lend you their expensive dress for your date. These are the dudes that have your back when you get into a fight you can’t win and get your ass kicked but they were there watching you while it was happening at least. These are the girls that told you your husband or boyfriend was cheating on you when in reality he was not.

A little more about friends just in case we didn’t cover everything: These are the dudes who told your wife you were flirting with that cute girl in the office (Even though it was to save your relationship). These are the guys you smoked your first legal pot with telling yourself its for medicinal purposes. These are the girls that showed a lot of skin when they met your boyfriend for the first time (Even though they knew you really  like that guy). These are the guys you call 2 am in the morning to find out if they have some beer stashed away. Some times these are the people you slept with and the next morning you both agreed not to tell anyone about it. These are the people who know you inside out. They’ve been there in the rough times and sometimes they’ve been the cause of rough times. Like them or hate them these are your friends. And the golden rule of friendship is that when the holidays come around the corner you get them a gift to show them what their value is in your life. Lucky for you Espresso Gurus has come up with a love ranking meter so you’ll know exactly what to give to whom. Lets explore our unique gift ideas for friends.

Holiday Gift ideas Love Meter

1 # Bath & Body Works, Aromatherapy Stress Relief 3-Wick Candle

Buy this candle for any friend you don’t like because of either their attitude or because they are always trying to outdo you in everything. These friends are always in your face or point out all the flaws in your life. They really need this Stress Relief Aromatherapy Candle by Bath & Body Works. It will help them relieve their stress and maybe next time instead of being mean to you they will consider you as a friend. This gift will get all that done at the low price of $21. Not that expensive if you think of the benefits. This can also be a great gift for any friend who’s always yelling or angry about nothing. Help a friend out and get them a well deserved relaxation therapy candle this holiday season. They will be grateful for it (but then again if they had the quality of appreciating what you do for them then maybe you would be spending more on their gift).

Unique gift ideas for best friends 2017

To buy this stress relief candle CLICK HERE

Gift ideas Love Meter

2 # EVEN EarPrint H2 Wireless, Personalized Headphones that Adapt to the Way You Hear — with Mic (Walnut and Steel)

Now this is something special. This gift is for those friends that you love and your life can’t function without them. These are the special people in your lives who always are just around the corner in your time of need. That is why they deserve these high end wireless headphones. You wan’t to give them something they can enjoy and use on a daily basis. FOR YOUR EARS ONLY: EVEN H2 wireless headphones with patented EVEN EarPrint combine science, technology and design for a complete and personalized listening experience. Tuned to your unique hearing profile, they offer sound like no other. These cool and technologically advance headphones can be yours for a discounted price of $225 for a limited time only. If you act quick you can take advantage of the 25% ($74) discount on these headphones and show your friend how much they mean to you.

Price $225

EVEN EarPrint H2 wireless headphones - unique holiday gift ideas for best friends

To buy these cool high end wireless headphones CLICK HERE

Unique Gift Ideas Love Meter

3 # Segway One S1 | One Wheel Self Balancing Personal Transporter with Mobile App Control

This is the ultimate gift idea for your best friend. There is a reason they call them “Best Friend” because their the only one in this world who truly understand you. Every person no matter who they are have this one person in their lives that they can proudly call their best friend. This best friend is who’s been there to lift you up in the worst times of your lives. These are the people that you can count on to even take a bullet for you. That is why these people deserve the ULTIMATE GIFT. The Segway One S1 is that ultimate gift that will truly appreciate your friendship this holiday season. If you have the money then we recommend buying two Segway One s1’s. One for you and one for your best friend to enjoy the good times together. It’s a proven scientific fact that the friends that ride together die together (well no its not we just made it up because it sounds cool). But you get the gist. So go ahead let your best friend know how much they mean to you and spend the $600 on the Segway One S1 this holiday season.

Price $600

The Ultimate gift for your best friend - Unique Holiday gift ideas for friends 2017

To buy the Segway One S1 CLICK HERE (If you have $600 that is).

Well that’s it, you’ve gone through our list of Unique Holiday Gift Ideas for 2017, until next year. If you liked what you read then please help us grow by liking, sharing and BUYING our recommendations.


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