Great Ways to Use Old Coffee Beans

Creative Uses For Old Coffee Beans

A lot of people who grind their own coffee from fresh coffee beans often find themselves not able to use up every single coffee bean they’ve bought, before it’s time to buy more fresh ones. In fact, it can be nearly impossible to do so. After all, when the coffee beans start getting stale they just don’t taste very good anymore. However, never fear, in this post, we will give you a list of things that you can do with those leftover coffee beans. So, stick around and grab your favorite cup of coffee, while we teach you creative ways you can use old coffee beans.

Great Ways To Use Old Coffee Beans

Experimenting With Your Coffee Brewing

Do Some Experimenting With Your Coffee Brewing

Ever wanted to practice your newly learned pour over method? Have you ever been tempted to just try experimenting with your coffee brewing equipment but never wanted to waste your expensive coffee beans? Well, then instead of throwing away those leftovers use them to play around with. Even though the coffee results might not taste as good as they would with fresh coffee beans, playing around with the leftovers can be not only insightful but, fun!

DIY: Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans

How To Make Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans at Home

Cover Them in Chocolate

If you were to go and buy some chocolate covered coffee beans, which do seem to be a big hit in candy stores and cafes, do tend to be quite expensive. So, instead of spending a bunch of money on them, just make your own with your leftover coffee beans. Below is a quick and simple recipe you might want to try:

Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans – Ingredients

2/3 cup of semisweet chocolate chips

1 ½ teaspoons shortening

½ cup of old coffee beans

Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans – Directions

In your microwave melt the chocolate and shortening together. Then stir the two until nice and smooth. Next, dip the coffee beans in the chocolate and let the excess drip off and then put them on some waxed paper. Let the beans sit for 10 to 15 minutes. Put them in an airtight container and enjoy!

How To Use Old Coffee Beans

DIY: Coffee Art

Let the Artist in You Out

Coffee Bean Art: Why not be creative with your coffee beans? Take your coffee beans and glue them around the base of glass candle holders add some greenery and even sprinkle some of the coffee beans throughout the greenery for added depth.

You can also take some canvas and use the beans to make an artistic creation of anything that you feel inspired to do. They are great for covering tissue boxes with if you want to add an interesting look to a boring box and add a little depth to your bathroom.

Creative Uses For Old Coffee Grounds

Uses for Leftover Ground Coffee

If you happen to have some leftover ground coffee from your coffee beans and you don’t think it’s fresh enough to be drinking there are other things you can use it for. Below are just a few ideas:

  • Kitchen Scrub – Ground coffee can be used as a cleaning scrub because they are acidic and mildly abrasive. They can also help to get rid of difficult stains and spots in the kitchen. Just add some water and/or soap to the ground coffee to clean up your kitchen countertops.
  • Repel Invasions from Ant Colonies – If you have an ant problem and know where their ant colony is just put some of your ground coffee in that area, it will definitely repel them and your problem should be solved.
  • Make Your Compost More Powerful – Coffee has good amounts of potassium, copper, phosphorus, magnesium, and nitrogen. By adding your ground coffee to some compost you will be supercharging it and you will end up with a rewarding garden.
  • Flea Repellent – If your dog or cat has a flea problem you may want to take that ground coffee and scrub it into their fur. Fleas seem to hate coffee and it should keep them away for quite some time. Plus there’s an added bonus, it helps to make your pet smell better because the coffee grounds will absorb their pet odor.
  • Reduce Odors – Coffee grounds do a wonderful job at removing all kinds of odors. So, if you have various areas in your home that seem to have bad odors try putting a bunch of your dry coffee grounds in a container that has an opening in the top. Then put the container in the area with an odor issue and you’ll be amazed at just how much of the odor will disappear with the coffee.

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