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About Espresso Gurus

Hi there, my name is Jason Holms.

I’m the coffeeholic behind Espresso Gurus. To me nothing beats the aroma of a freshly brewed coffee. I’ve been a coffee junkie since the age of 16. I’ve visited some of the best coffee houses in the world and tried every coffee bean I could get my hands on. I have literally traveled the world in search of the best coffee. I am very emotional and passionate about coffee and I’m guessing so are you.

What’s the best French Press, or espresso machine, or even drip coffee maker? Every cup of coffee is slightly different because of the way it’s made. I am on a mission to find coffee makers that make the absolute best cup of coffee, are feature-rich and won’t cost you a bundle.

I provide in-depth reviews of coffee makers – some I own, some I have just tried – so that you always have the opportunity to enjoy the perfect cup of coffee every morning.

There are always some models that leak or simply don’t provide the value that they advertise. I want to help you avoid those machines, and invest in a great one. I don’t just stop at coffee makers either. I also provide reviews of coffee grinders and espresso machines, so that you have the freshest, most delicious coffee options available to you.

Brewing coffee is an art, and my goal is to perfect it over time. I’m always trying new grinds, espresso machines and coffee pots to try and extract every last bit of flavor out of my coffee beans. I’m here to educate you on my findings – both good and bad – so we can both enjoy coffee that isn’t made by a barista.

I would suggest you to sit back with your cup of warm coffee and enjoy while going through my blog.

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You will also find reviews of the latest and best coffee and espresso grinders, Blenders, and interesting coffee news.

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