Bloomfield Koffee King Automatic Coffee Brewer Review

Bloomfield Koffee King Automatic Coffee Brewer Review
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Bloomfield Koffee King

Product Review: Koffee King

If you own a small cafe or any small business where it requires that you brew good tasting coffee or if you are just starting out in this area, you may be in the need for a good automatic coffee brewer. If you have limited space or if you simply have a small business serving coffee to customers this Bloomfield Koffee King Automatic Coffee Brewer might fit perfect in your business.

Bloomfield Koffee King Pourover – No Plumbing Required!

This automatic coffee brewer has a pour over option which means that there is no need to have additional plumbing in order to enjoy the benefits of this product. It is compact in size, has its own single faucet as well as three warmers to help keep your caffeinated coffee, decaf and plain water all warm until you need to serve it.

“Bloomfield Koffee King is easy to clean do to easy access to components.” – Espresso Gurus

You will like the design that makes it easy to access the components on this automatic coffee brewer and how easy it is to service and clean up. It has its own water volume adjustments and the coffee can be made quite easily. One really great feature of this automatic coffee brewer is that there are no panels on this brewer or are there any special tools required.

Video Walk through Of Bloomfield Koffee King Pourover

Bloomfield Koffee King Automatic Coffee Brewer
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Bloomfield Koffee King also has the option of direct line.

If you want to make it have a more permanent place in your place of business then it does have the option to hook it up to a water line. Once you have hooked it up to a water line then you will be able to use the front mounted hot water faucet found on this automatic coffee brewer. This is a very convenient feature if you are just needing a quick cup of hot water for tea or hot chocolate. Even though you decide to hook it up to a water line, you still are able to use the built-in pour over option on this automatic coffee brewer giving this unit more versatility than some others you might find on the market.

Bloomfield Koffee King Pourover is great for offices, small restaurants and cafes

This really is a great unit for someone who is just starting a small restaurant or cafe. Not only is it less expensive than other similar models it is far more compact than a lot of others you will find on the market. It only stands 17 inches tall so it can fit just about anywhere without taking up much space and even though it is small and compact it still has a big brewing capacity much like the larger models. The front mounted hot water faucet is a popular feature with many people who own this automatic coffee brewer because it means that you can get a cup of hot water when needed without interfering with the brewing cycle of the machine.

Bloomfield Koffee King is Heavy Duty & Durable!

This automatic coffee brewer is made of stainless steel which makes it durable, attractive as well as easy to keep clean. It is nice looking as well as a very reliable machine. It is extremely easy to use and there isn’t much to do but pour in the water, add the coffee and set it for brew and within minutes you have a great tasting pot of brewed coffee. A nice feature you will find that this brewer has is the “Ready to Brew” light. This light will indicate when the water has reached the proper temperature for brewing. This handy little feature helps to eliminate any guesswork there might be in brewing the perfect pot of coffee to serve to your customers.

Bloomfield Koffee King is a great choice for busy offices!

If you don’t happen to be in the the restaurant business but perhaps run an office that loves to drink coffee every day, you might want to consider purchasing this automatic coffee brewer since you don’t need to have it hooked up to a water line. This unit would be especially good for a larger office that drinks a lot of coffee and tea and wants to cut down on expenses. It’s compact enough as well to fit nicely in any break room without taking up too much counter space.

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