BUNN LPG Low Profile Portion Control Grinder with 1 Hopper Review
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BUNN LPG Commercial Grinder

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For those who own a business that serves a lot of coffee to their customers and want to serve them the best coffee around, might want to check out the BUNN LPG Low Profile Portion Control Grinder. This is especially true if you are wanting to get away from the pre-ground coffee you may have been serving your customers. More and more customers are wanting the freshest coffee they can find so it’s a good idea to consider grinding your own coffee to keep them coming back for more.

BUNN LPG Grinder Is A Space Saver!

BUNN LPG portion control Commercial grinder is ideal for those areas that don’t have a lot of room because it is only 8.64” wide and only 15.1” tall. So even if you don’t have a lot of room, you should be able to find a spot for it in your coffee brewing area of your restaurant or coffee shop.

BUNN LPG Grinder Is Built For Professional Heavy Duty Use.

This professional portion control grinder by BUNN is built with commercial use in mind and has a very powerful but quiet motor with high torque. The grinder gives you a professional grind each time due to the large 3.19” diameter grinding burrs. When grinding your coffee with BUNN LPG commercial grinder you never have to worry about the machine being extremely loud and annoying like a lot of other coffee grinders tend to be.

BUNN LPG Commercial Grinder Has A Clear Bean Hopper So You Always Know How Much Coffee You Have.

BUNN LPG portion control commercial grinder comes with a coffee bean hopper that is clear so you always know how many coffee beans are still in the machine. The hopper also can hold up to six pounds of your favorite coffee beans which means you will always have enough fresh ground and fresh brewed coffee to please all of your customers.

BUNN LPG Shaves The Coffee Beans So You Have Full Extraction Of The Flavor.

Most coffee grinders on the market today tend to actually pulverize the coffee beans into tiny pellets, the burrs on BUNN LPG portion control commercial grinder are precision milled so they shave the coffee beans. This gives them the ideal shape and size that helps to allow for the absolute maximum flavor extraction you want for your fresh brewed coffee. BUNN LPG commercial grinder also generates far less heat than other grinders when it grinds your coffee beans and this means there is less risk of over-heating your coffee beans during the grinding process and it also preserves all the aroma and flavor you want for delicious tasting fresh brewed coffee.

The Verdict: BUNN LPG Commercial Grinder

This grinder is a winner. A must have for any coffee shop or restaurant that wants to serve the best possible tasting coffee to their customers. With BUNN LPG portion control commercial grinder you will also discover just how simple it is to grind your own coffee. This grinder takes all the hard work out of the grinding process and will quickly grind the coffee beans with efficiency and accuracy each time you use it. The product is fast, efficient, durable, easy to maintain and to keep clean and takes no time at all to learn how to use it. If your interested in ordering BUNN LPG commercial grinder for your establishment then click the link to get the latest price, more details and to place your order. Have your BUNN LPG commercial grinder delivered to you today and start serving your customers the freshest coffee to keep them coming back for more.

BUNN LPG Low Profile Portion Control Grinder (Click To Order)


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