BUNN VPS 12 Cup Coffee Brewer Review
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Bunn VPS Commercial Coffee Brewer

Review: BUNN VPS 12 Cup Pourover Coffee Brewer

The Bunn VPS 12 Cup Pourover Coffee brewer is a pourover coffee brewer that includes three burners so that you can have several pots of coffee being kept warm as well as a pot of hot water if you wish. This is not for your every day kitchen, instead it is the type of pourover coffee brewer that you will most commonly find in restaurants, coffee shops, donut shops and so on.


BUNN VPS Portable Coffee Brewer

BUNN VPS Coffee Brewer

This pourover coffee brewer is fairly priced and is a great unit for someone who is just getting started in their own business. It’s lightweight, nicely compact and good for those who don’t have a large space and need more room for other things in their restaurant or cafe.


Bunn VPS 12 Cup Pourover Coffee Brewer with 3 Warmers – 120V

Commercial Pourover Coffee Brewer

This is a commercially rated pourover coffee brewer and it can brew up to 3.8 gallons of coffee every hour and is ideal for those who serve a lot of coffee and want their coffee to be kept at the perfect temperature at all times. This can be achieved with the three burners that it comes with.

Save Money – No Plumbing Required!

Another great feature about this pourover coffee brewer is that it saves a lot of money since it is a pourover model there is no requirements for additional plumbing in your place of business which also means that it makes this pourover coffee brewer totally portable so if it needs to be moved to another area it can simply be unplugged and moved to wherever you might need to move it to.


BUNN VPS Pourover Coffee Maker

Pro’s – Stainless Steel – Durable – Portable

As a user of this BUNN VPS pourover coffee brewer you will not only like the portability of the unit but you will also like the stainless steel construction. This makes for a nice looking unit as well as one that is relatively easy to clean up whenever there might be spills and messes. Another nice feature is that all of the three burners can be individually controlled which means that you can have them all set differently as well as not having to have all of them on at the same time.

Perfect For Offices & Restaurant & Cafes

Even though this pourover coffee brewer by Bunn is generally used in restaurants and other commercial settings there are some out there that have also purchased it for their own personal use at home or for their office use. Many feel that this particular unit brews some of the best coffee and it’s well worth the price one might pay for it. Some offices use it because not only does it make a great cup of coffee but seems to save them a lot of money from going to expensive coffee houses to get their morning cup of coffee.

BUNN Coffee Brewer – Loved By Every User

Many users of this particular coffee brewer claim they will never buy anything else because they have not found a better brewed cup of coffee than the one they get from this brewer. Not only that, this brewer is so well made that many users have had similar models for well over 10 years and never had a single issue with the machine and today’s model appears to be no different than many earlier reliable models.

Reliable – Easy To Use – Easy To Maintain

Whether you are looking for a coffee brewer that is personal use, office use or for use in your restaurant or coffee shop you will discover that this pourover coffee brewer by BUNN is reliable, easy to use, easy to keep clean, has plenty of burners to keep several pots of coffee or hot water warm for as long as you need it and brews great tasting coffee, you will find it well worth the money that you spend for this unit. It’s a good investment for anyone who brews a good amount of coffee.

BUNN VPS Pourover – Specs

BUNN VPS POurover Diagram

BUNN Commercial Coffee Brewer

Even though some users were discouraged with regards to the fact that the coffee brewer didn’t come with any coffee decanters, they can be easily purchased at the same time as the coffee brewer because there is always the option given to do so. The decanters come in both decaf and caffeinated varieties making it easier to not mix up the two different types of brews.

BUNN VPR Commercial Coffee Brewer Video