The Best Coffee Shop in Wisconsin Revealed

Colectivo coffee ranked the best coffee shop in Wisconsin

Colectivo ranked the best coffee shop in Wisconsin, Find Out Why?

Wisconsin is home to amazing and locally owned coffee cafes which perk anyone up. Coffee shops in Wisconsin are famous for their great environment, well-brewed coffee and succulent food. Colectivo is a trendy cafe chain that serves locally roasted coffee and light eats in a calm setting.

Coffee Shop with a history

Colectivo has been sourcing and roasting coffees since 1993. Its old name was Alterra which was changed in 2013. The name Colectivo is inspired by the hip and artistic public buses across Latin America, ‘colectivos’. It is independently owned.There are presently 16 locations run by Colectivo in the Milwaukee and Madison metropolitan areas in Wisconsin.

From farm to coffee shop: Involved in every step

They are involved in every single step of creating a good coffee experience. They have developed farmer and co-op partnerships. They proudly offer Session Roasted coffees in addition to Letterbox Colectivo Keg Company beers, Fine Tea, Troubadour artisan breads and baked goods. They roast their award-winning coffees on a pair of vintage Probats in Milwaukee’s Riverwest.

Colectivo has refined their roasting method with the thought in mind that the experience of sipping a cup of coffee should be a pleasure from start to end and from hot to cold.  They roast their coffees in a way that extract maximum and unique flavours of each origin. They pay special attention to maintaining balance and sweetness.

A coffee shop with a homey feel

The set-up of Colectivo is very adorable. There is both a patio seating and an enclosed area that is a roofed porch. The main area is very bright and chirpy. However in the back things get cozy with hazier lighting, high-backed chairs and leather couches. It is an ideal place to sit-back and unwind.

It has quickly become a meet-up point for students and professionals. The busy coffee house boasts a full menu of coffees, sandwiches, scones, muffins and pastries. They make wonderful lattes. They use Monin syrups and the hazelnut is wonderfully toasty, sweet and nutty. Their vanilla latte is phenomenal. It is warm and yummy with a little foam heart on top. Their Matcha Green Tea Latte is exceptional and a shot of espresso makes it perfect. The bakery items are freshly baked. Their muffins taste heavenly. Prices are fair too.

Colectivo is running a pretty legit food game. Their staff is very active and helpful. They politely help you decide which coffee will be good for you. It is undoubtedly a great spot with sweet vibes. They have everything to please you. Just give this place a try, and you will also realize why this coffee shop is ranked the best in Wisconsin.

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Colectivo Coffee Shop ranked the best in Wisconsin: Short Video

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