The Type of Equipment Required to Start Your Own Coffee Shop

The Type of Equipment Required to Start Your Own Coffee Shop

Equipment Required For A Coffee Shop

There are a lot of people who probably dream of opening up their own coffee shop. Sounds like a great idea when you first sit down and dream about it, doesn’t it? However, when you come back down to reality, you will soon discover that owning a coffee shop will end up costing you quite a bit of money to get started. So, before you seriously sit down and make out a business plan for one, make sure that you know all the different kind of equipment you are going to need in order to open up and start serving coffee and other items to customers.

Espresso Machines

No matter what kind of a coffee shop you are thinking about opening up, in today’s market no coffee shop is truly complete unless it also offers different kinds of espresso drinks. All customers don’t just want traditional drip coffee, they are going to want lattes, cafe mochas, espresso shots and other drinks like americanos. In order for you to be able to offer your customers what they want you are going to need a good espresso machine that is designed to make just these kinds of beverages. You will also more than likely want other equipment that goes with it like a grinder to grind your own beans to ensure your customers get the freshest coffee you can give them. You will also want a tamp that is needed to push your espresso into place and you’ll need demitasse cups or shot glasses to be able to hold the espresso shots before you put them into the drink. Some people also use metal jugs for the milk before, during and after the steaming process.

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Regular Coffee Equipment

The coffee makers seen in a coffee shop rarely resemble your Mr. Coffee you have sitting at home in your kitchen. A coffee shop needs to have coffee makers that are commercially designed to make and store huge amounts of coffee in their coffee shop. You will also want to make sure that you have some good coffee mugs and not just to go cups to serve customers who prefer to sit and sip their coffee in your coffee shop.

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Coffee Shop Furniture

Unless you plan on opening up a little coffee shop that is strictly “to go” only all you’ll need is some counter room to prepare the coffee. But if you are opening up a coffee shop where people can stay and drink their coffee if they like you will want to make sure that you have plenty of comfortable tables and chairs for them to enjoy their coffee at. You also might want to make sure that you provide a few tables and chairs outdoors for warmer weather as well.

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Plumbing & Electrical Needs

You are going to also want to make sure that all of your equipment is fitted with the correct electrical and plumbing requirements. Your espresso machines have different electrical needs more like that of a stove or refrigerator and you coffee brewer is set up differently than the one you would use at home. On top of that all of your coffee equipment will need special drainage and water softeners installed in the water lines to prevent any mineral build up in your equipment.

Starting Your Own Coffee Drive-Thru

Starting Your Own Coffee Drive-Thru

Starting Your

Coffee Drive-Thru

Starting up your own coffee shop might be a dream of yours but if you’ve already started looking into it you’ve probably already discovered that it is also very expensive thing to do. But if you really have your heart set on something like this, you might want to consider starting off by opening up your own coffee drive-thru instead. To open up your own coffee drive-thru will require a lot less money to get starting. Probably somewhere in the range of about $35,000 overall. Unless you can take over one that already exists. If you are interested in something like this here are a few things you should know or do prior to opening up your own coffee drive-thru.

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Do Your Research: Coffee Drive-Thru

Learn about the difference between your basic coffee drive-thru and a more upscale version. This means will your drive-thru be offering just your basic inexpensive coffee beverages or will you also be offering customers more sophisticated types of coffee beverages? You will want to base this on the kind of area you are thinking of opening up your coffee drive-thru in.

Find the Right Location: Coffee Drive-Thru

Find the Right Location: Coffee Drive-Thru

Part of your research needs to be finding the right location for you coffee drive-thru. You might want to look in areas where other business owners have overlooked and perhaps would enjoy having a business like yours in the area. Since it’s a drive-thru you won’t have to worry about parking so you can focus on places that have an easy access to major streets and where there is good visibility so they can see you easily.

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Find the Right Vendors: Coffee Drive-Thru

Make sure you shop around when it comes to your suppliers/vendors. You want to make sure that you can find vendors who will offer you the fairest prices for coffee supplies and equipment. You might even want to look into how much it will cost to rent the equipment you need instead of buying them outright and do that at a later date.

Write Your Business Plan: Coffee Drive-Thru

Write Your Business Plan: Coffee Drive-Thru

Once you are certain you want to go through with this then sit down and write up your business plan. You can find a variety of different free templates online that you can follow to make the job easier. Make sure that you follow the template so that it has all the information that will be needed by the lender. Once you have filled out the plan you can uses this to help you find investors or lenders who will help you with your start up money.

Hire an Accountant or Tax Lawyer: Coffee Drive-Thru

Hire an Accountant or Tax Lawyer: Coffee Drive-Thru

Unless you know a trusted friend or family member who can help you with all your legal and financial needs you should consider hiring either an accountant or tax lawyer. They can help you with all the legal things you will need to take care of such as taxes, licenses, health inspections and other issues like this.

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Get Everything Ready: Coffee Drive-Thru

Once you have done all the legal things needed to open up your coffee drive-thru and have all your start up money you can then either construct your drive-thru or renovate one that already is standing. Buy or lease/rent your equipment, order all your supplies and hire any staff you might need. Then you are ready to advertise through the local newspaper, TV and radio stations and social media. Don’t forget to even consider printing up posters and fliers and handing those out at local businesses you want to attract.

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How To Start Your Own Tea, Coffee and Spice Store

How To Start Your Own Tea, Coffee and Spice Store

DIY: Tea, Coffee & Spice Store

A tea, coffee and spice store is a lot different than your every day run of the mill coffee shop. This is basically a specialty shop that sells a variety of teas, different coffees, spices and accessories that customers might be looking for. Even though a lot of grocery stores offer a lot of these items, your specialty store can offer more by offering expert knowledge on all things tea, coffee and spices as well as the customers can get a lot more personal attention than they can in larger stores.

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Pick Your Location

It’s really important that you research the area for your tea, coffee, and spice store and make sure that there is no real competition nearby. Especially competition from a big coffee shop retail chain. You might want to check out the local shopping malls and all downtown areas to see where there is high traffic that might be a good spot to open up shop. You may also want to look at places that are near bookstores, bakeries, wine shops and other personal service type businesses.

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Make Your Inventory List

Before you even get started you need to make sure that you create a good inventory list of the things that you want to sell in your tea, coffee and spice store. This list needs to include a variety of teas, different coffees, spices, and all the different accessories you plan on selling in your shop. If you are planning on selling fresh brewed coffee and tea as well as items for customers to take home you will also want a coffee maker that can brew coffee, espresso drinks and tea. You will want to make sure that you include a coffee grinder as well so that you can grind up coffee for your customers if they don’t have their own grinders at home. Other things you might want to add to your list are:

  • Plastic bags for spices and loose leaf teas
  • Printed labels with your shop name and info on them
  • Coffee filters
  • Tea strainers
  • Spice racks
  • Decorative spoons
  • Tea pots
  • Mugs
  • Decanters to serve tea and coffee to customers
  • Gift bags and tags

Have the Right Display Equipment

If you want your merchandise to sell then you will want to make sure that you have the right display shelving, racks, hooks and other pieces of equipment to be able to do so. Make sure that you display all your items for sale in an attractive manner and that all items can be easily reached by the customer. Never have things out of reach where they need assistance. You may also want to set up areas around your tea, coffee and spice shop comfortable seating areas with chairs, tables, rugs, attractive artwork and other nice looking decorative elements so you make your shop comfortable and inviting.

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Specialty Areas

If you are offering some teas, coffee and spices many customers may have never heard of you might want to devote special areas of the shop just for those unusual teas, coffees and spices. Then set up comfortable seating area where you can offer them information they can read comfortably in that section of the shop.

Market Your Shop

Get your name out there so that you can attract a variety of people to your tea, coffee and spice shop. Put ads in your local newspaper, in different community publications. Make sure you have a website and one that can offer the ability to buy some of your inventory online. You will also want to advertise at local businesses that are non-competitors such as:

  • Library
  • Schools
  • Churches
  • Community centers
  • Chamber of Commerce
  • Offices in the area

Make sure to offer them perks like coupons and loyalty programs so that it will keep your customers coming back for more.

Don’t forget to advertise on the radio and TV as well as all the big social media sites out there to build an interest in your tea, coffee and spice shop.

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