Cleanblend 3hp 1800 Watts Commercial Blender Product Review
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Cleanblend Product Review

Commercial Blender

If you are looking for a powerful commercial blender you may not have to look anywhere else with this Cleanblend 3hp 1800 watt blender. This commercial blender has a nicely over sized container that is nearly unbreakable and holds up to 64 ounces. It has a stainless steel enclosed blade assembly with a sealed ball bearing and also includes a tamper wand that allows for very extreme food processing power.

Cleanblend Commercial Blender

Cleanblend 3hp 1800 Watts Commercial Blender

Cleanblend: A Commercial Blender For The Price Of A Home Blender

If you love to make smoothies and other delicious recipes from soups, sauces, gravies to a variety of beverages to serve your family and friends then you will find that the Cleanblend commercial blender to be the one that will get the job done. If you want a commercial blender that competes well with other brands that do the same thing as this blender does but costing double if not triple the cost of this commercial blender then you will more than likely want to go with this 3hp 1800 watt blender by Cleanblend. It gives you the same amount of blending and processing power as any commercial blender that a professional chef would get in their own restaurant and you get the same quality finished product for much less money.

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Cleanblend: Chop, Dice, Puree, Blend, Mix, Shave Ice (All-In-One)

The Cleanblend commercial blender can chop, dice, puree, blend, mix, shave ice, you name it, it will answer your call for every recipe you want to have done. It is extremely fast in getting the work done and while processing your food you will notice that it is a lot less noisy than most other blenders.

Even though Cleanblend commercial blender does seem to be a little bit taller than your standard blender and it may have to rearrange some of your counter top appliances, the weight of this commercial blender is far less than what you might expect, it is quite less than most blenders that are smaller than this one so even if you do have to put it somewhere that you have to move it from when you want to use it, its weight is no issue when having to move it.

Cleanblend: Heavy Duty

The Cleanblend commercial blender is heavy duty enough for you to use it every single day if you are the kind of person who really loves to make homemade smoothies, shakes, fruit juices and a variety of other beverages. It can handle this type of use with ease and will produce a perfect smoothie, shake or other beverage each and every time that you use it.
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Cleanblend: Fast Speed

Another great feature of the Cleanblend commercial blender is the speed. Often blenders can not only be cumbersome but also can be quite slow on certain processing speeds, but not this Cleanblend blender. You will be able to enjoy whatever you are processing within an incredibly speedy time, far faster than the typical blender a lot of people have in their kitchens.

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Cleanblend commercial blender
Cleanblend commercial blender

Cleanblend: Easy To Clean

The Cleanblend commercial blender is extremely easy to clean as well you just need to wipe down with a cleaning cloth and you are good to go, nothing seems to stick to and the container is nice and big so it’s really easy to get inside of it and clean it up quickly and it’s ready to go for the next recipe.

Cleanblend: 5 Year Warranty

Another great thing about the Cleanblend commercial blender is that it comes with a great five year warranty which ensures that should anything go wrong you and the blender will be well taken care of. You will also discover that not only does it come with this warranty but that the customer service is far superior to that of other brands you may have dealt with before. Those who work for Cleanblend go well beyond their call of duty when it comes to making their customers happy. If something should happen to the blender during ownership they don’t hesitate to solve the issue immediately and will send a brand new one right away to their customers without hassle and if the customer would rather just be refunded the money, they have no issues with that either. It seems extremely important to their customer service that each customer be satisfied in whatever way the customer wants. Totally hassle free customer service.

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CleanBlend Commercial Blender Customer Ratings

cleanblend review

CleanBlend Commercial Blender Customer Reviews

CleanBlend Customer Review

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