La Pavoni BAR-Star 2V-R 2 Group Commercial Espresso Machine

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Review: La Pavoni BAR-Star 2V-R | 2 Group Commercial Espresso Machine

Looking for an advanced and great looking commercial espresso machine? You might want to consider La Pavoni BAR-Star 2V-R espresso machine with its really nice digital control pad for ease of use and perfect espresso and cappuccino. You’ll love the fact that commercial espresso machine has microprocessor controls with electronic programmable dosing and includes a nice energy saving power switch.

La Pavoni BAR-Star 2V-R: Comes with a large copper boiler & Auto Safety

The La Pavoni BAR-Star 2V-R has a 14 liter copper boiler, a manual reset thermostat that also comes equipped with an auto shut off for safety. This commercial espresso machine comes with a nice warming tray, two steam wands and not just one like most commercial espresso machines, a separate hot water button, a 12 liter water softener and an installation kit all included with the La Pavoni BAR-Star 2V-R machine.

La Pavoni BAR-Star 2V-R Is Super User-Friendly

The digital control system on this commercial espresso machine makes life so much easier for anyone who uses the La Pavoni BAR-Star 2V-R espresso machine because it helps to cut down on any guess work when it comes to creating the perfect espresso or cappuccino. The two steam wands help to create great dosing of hot water along with the fact that it also has automatic dosing for the hot water so it makes it easy to use for both beginners and experienced baristas.

Dual Position Power Capability

This commercial espresso machine has a huge boiler capacity and has visible gauge monitors for the boiler and group pressure. It has a dual position power switch that allows for this commercial espresso machine to be able to operate in a ¾ power mode during any off hours or on a full power mode when busy. This is a great feature that comes on the La Pavoni BAR-Star 2V-R for professionals who want to use this commercial espresso machine for their cafe or restaurant. It saves on energy which in turn saves on money.

Built For Professional Use

Even though it’s easy to use for anyone, the style and the price is geared for the more serious minded professional barista and probably not recommended for every day use in your home kitchen. This La Pavoni BAR-Star 2V-R has been created with the professional in mind who wants to give their customers the best espresso or cappuccino they can and this commercial espresso machine definitely fits the bill for a professional setting and environment.

La Pavoni: Historical Facts

There is history that comes with this commercial espresso machine that everyone should know about. The espresso machine was invented by an Italian mechanic by the name of Luigi Bezzera back in 1901 and four years later he sold his espresso machine patent to Desiderio Pavoni who then started to manufacture this commercial espresso machine in his hometown of Milan. From there La Pavoni become the name in commercial espresso machine wizardry.

Not only does the newest commercial espresso machine create a wonderful cup of espresso it looks wonderful on your counter with its sleek design and beautiful red color. It sure is to be admired by your customers each time they see it pumping out their next cup of espresso or cappuccino.

Truly A Commercial Espresso Machine Of It’s Own Kind

What you may like best about the La Pavoni BAR-Star 2V-R commercial espresso machine is that it has a beautiful copper boiler with a nice auto shut off. These two features are features that truly set this commercial espresso machine apart from all other machines you may have used in the past. These features not only ensure that you get a great cup of espresso in just minutes but it gives you added security when it comes to using this machine for commercial use.

Programmable Dosing Feature

You also may really like that this commercial espresso machine comes with a programmable dosing feature that can store up to four different kinds of dosing. This means that you will get the exact same doses for your cup of espresso and avoid any unwanted tastes by any unfortunate dosing mistakes that can be caused by human error.

The microprocessors control is also wonderful when it comes to helping to make this commercial espresso machine easier to use and the energy/power saving switch is ideal for commercial owners because it helps to cut down on your power consumption and we all love cutting down on our power bills.

If your in the market for a commercial espresso machine, then the La Pavoni BAR-Star 2V-R is truly a must have.

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