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(Magic Bullet Blender Under $40)

The Magic Bullet Blender is the original super blender. This is the smaller silver version that everyone first fell in love with and is still just as popular today as the first day it was released on the market. This blender is ideal for anyone who not only wants a powerful blender but also wants a machine that can quickly and easily create delicious vegetable and fruit drinks as well as wonderful tasting smoothies. If you are addicted to smoothies, then this blender would be the one you would want sitting on your kitchen counter.


The Magic Bullet blender has become one of the most popular labor saving blenders ever created and it cuts down preparation time to nearly no time at all. Unlike those other much more bulky and heavier blenders and food processors that so many people have to pull out of storage to use for only certain recipes and the rest of the time they are hidden away, this blender is so handy and easy to use that you will never want to hide it away. It is good looking with its sleek design and doesn’t take up much space why would you want to or need to store it anyway? It will look great on your counter and you will be using it so much that you will need to keep it handy. You can probably find a reason to use it every single day of the week. The best part about the Magic Bullet Blender is that it saves you so much time you won’t believe it. This blender can get just about every job you need to have done in your kitchen in 10 seconds or even less time than that!

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Magic Bullet Blender
(Magic Bullet Blender Under $40)

Another wonderful thing about the Magic Bullet blender is that nothing could be easier. It is one of the least complicated and simplest blenders you will ever find. There are no cumbersome buttons to mess around with and there are no complicated manuals and directions you need to read. It’s so simple, all you have to do is take one of its cups and put it on the ready to use Magic Bullet and before you know it you will have created delicious tasting dips for parties, wonderful salsa, guacamole, even yummy bean dip and of course delicious and healthy smoothies along with whatever else you can think to use it for and all in 10 seconds or less!


This original Magic Bullet Blender comes with its high torque power base, one cross blade, two solidly fitting lids, one flip top lid, a couple of comfort lip rings, one party size mug, one short cup, one tall cup and a 10 second recipe book for you to enjoy.


This is a great product that will give you many years of producing delicious tasting recipes that will please everyone in your family as well as any guests you might have over. Not only can this blender create wonderful beverages, dips and smoothies it works well for chopping, blending, mixing, making purees and so much more.


It not only is extremely easy to use it is also very quick and easy to clean up after each use by simply putting it on the top shelf of your dishwasher and that’s it, let it get clean without a fuss and it’s ready to take on the next challenge that you might have for it.


The price of the Magic Bullet blender is well worth it since it’s about the same if not less than plain ordinary blenders that do far less and this is a great selling point for this blender. With all that it can do and all the accessories that come with it, you would expect to pay at least double of what it retails for. Because of low cost, it is easy to buy more than one for your home as well as buying several for family and friends, making it a wonderful gift.

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(Magic Bullet Blender Under $40)

(Magic Bullet Blender Under $40)

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