5 Reasons Coffee is Good for You

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Fast Facts: 5 Reasons Coffee is Good for You


If you are an avid coffee drinker then you know how it is to need that blast of morning coffee to get you going in the morning. You are not alone on that either, there are millions of Americans all over the country that feel the same way. In fact the average American coffee drinker drinks about 3.5 cups of coffee each and every day. Contrary to popular belief this may not be as bad as some want you to believe. In fact you might be surprised to find out that coffee is good for you. In fact here are 5 reasons coffee is good for you.

Coffee And Type 2 Diabetes


1. Type 2 Diabetes

One of the first reasons why coffee is good for you is that through research they are discovering that moderate coffee drinking can be associated with actually reducing some people’s risk of developing type 2 diabetes. While the exact reason for this is still unknown some researchers think it’s because of the anti-oxidants that are found in coffee. In fact coffee is good for you because some say it has more anti-oxidants in it than a lot of the fruits and vegetables you might already be including in your diet. Researchers have discovered that the darker roast coffees are the coffees that you will find a larger amount of anti-oxidants, so this is something that you might want to consideration when you brew your next pot. Also, it seems that it doesn’t matter whether it is decaf or caffeinated, they both have the same benefits.

Coffee and Alzheimers


2. Alzheimer’s and Dementia

Coffee is good for you because the second reason discovered is that coffee just may lower a person’s risk of developing Alzheimer’s and dementia. It is the caffeine in the coffee that seems to work here. For some reason it appears to interfere with production of the abnormal brain proteins that tend to be associated with Alzheimer’s. In some animal studies caffeine seemed to be able to reverse the cognitive impairment and to lower the levels of these proteins. Researchers believe that by drinking anywhere from three to five cups of coffee each day in mid-life especially can help to decrease your risk of developing dementia or Alzheimer’s by about 65%.

Coffee and Parkinson's


3. Parkinson’s Disease

The third reason that coffee is good for you is that some researchers have discovered that by drinking coffee on a daily basis may actually lower your risk of getting Parkinson’s Disease. Even though they don’t know what the protective effects of the coffee is right now against this disease they do connect coffee drinking with lowered risk of contracting the disease.

Coffee increases Athletic Performance


4. Athletic Performance

The fourth reason researchers believe coffee is good for you is that it seems to enhance one’s athletic performance and for many athletes this can be a very good thing. It has been discovered that moderate amounts of coffee consumed prior to exercising seems to improve performance as well as the endurance of the person. So it seems to let a person exercise for longer and more intensely.

Coffee helps you wake up


5. Wake Up Booster

Finally, the fifth reason that coffee is good for you is that it actually can provide you with a zero or low calorie pick me up. If you find yourself in need of an energy boost during the day coffee is a far leaner choice to pick than say a candy bar or a piece of cake for example. Black coffee has no calories so anything you add to it will be the only calories you get, and you will get the desired energy boost you were looking for.