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Delaware’s best coffee review: Brew HAHA

Despite the name, Brew HAHA is very serious about its coffee and has been voted as the best coffee in Delaware by Delaware today for 20 consecutive years and still counting. Brew HAHA draws its inspiration from the premier espresso bars of Italy and with the help of unique cafes around the Brandywine Valley, it is blossoming the lover affair of its coffee with coffee lovers. They claim to present special drinks with individualized attention in all its cafes. Each café is located in a different locality in northern Delaware and has a separate look from the rest.

Staff at Brew HAHA is known to be obsessed with coffee. Besides the coffee, their staff would serve the best available coffee in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. Top 3% of specialty-grade coffee on the planet includes their estate-grade coffees. Their artisan roaster processes it in the most eloquent manner from small high quality lots and then skillfully roasts the coffee. This way dramatic characteristics present in these fine coffees are highlighted. In order to make it as fresh as possible, Brew HAHA crew batch roast each of their coffees.

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Brew HAHA coffee is all about passionate crew working for daily rituals of sourcing, roasting and preparing marvelous coffee for coffee aficionados. Simple espresso costs around $2.45 and other coffees in the category include cortado, cubano, espresso macchiato, brewed coffee and much more. Their other caffinations include American cappuccino which comes in three costs according to size. Other amazing flavors in the category are cafe latte, mocha latte, café Au lait, Brrr HA HA! Frozen coffee and much more. All flavors come in different sizes and reasonable prices. Brew HAHA uses all natural Monin syrups exclusively in all their beverage preparations. Flavor list include almond, caramel, peach, Moiito and many more. They also have delicious sandwiches, pastries and salads that would serve well with their nice coffees.

At Brew HA HA anyone walking in their café is guaranteed delicious coffee without pretention. Trained baristas would recommend the perfect drink according to preferences, whether you are new to their café or a seasoned customer. Although Brew HA HA offers variety of drinks but there is no need to worry about it or get confused with the coffee jargons. The staff would explain the subtle differences in all coffee flavors. Also anyone wanting to talk about the balanced acidity of their Guatemala Antigua can consult their staff and they will explain the customer in most courteous manner.