Semi Automatic Espresso Machine VS Automatic Espresso Machine

Automatic Espresso Machine vs Semi Automatic Espresso Machine Explained

Semi & Automatic Espresso Machines Explained!

If you consider yourself a true coffee connoisseur or at least you are trying to become one, you more than likely have already heard the terms semi automatic espresso machine and automatic espresso machine. You probably also have heard that there are some differences between a semi automatic espresso machine and an automatic espresso machine and you may also wonder “So what really makes them different?” It’s a good and fair question for anyone to ask because it can be confusing especially if you are just a budding coffee connoisseur.

Knowing what the distinct differences are between a semi automatic espresso machine and an automatic espresso machine will also make it a lot easier for you to figure out which one of these machines might be best for you and your coffee needs and desires.

The Semi Automatic Espresso Machine Explained

First off, the semi automatic espresso machine is usually the more popular choice for a lot of consumers who are just looking for a more “traditional” home espresso machine. This type of machine has a boiler, a portafilter and a switch that will activate and deactivate the pump in order to perform the extraction. This feature is the last feature that puts the “semi” in semi automatic so to speak. The other features are all automated, you have total control over when the extraction will begin and when it will end. You will also find that there are some semi automatic machines that also have programmable doses that let you program the extraction to stop after a certain amount of time.

Semi Automatic Espresso Machines Give Users Water Flow Control

When it comes to brewing, the semi automatic espresso machine you have control over the water flow with every shot that you make and this is a good thing because it gives you the opportunity to eventually perfect your shot, with the automatic espresso machine you don’t have the option to do this. Also an automatic espresso machine has pre-programmed time for shots that will determine when to end the shots and this can sometimes cause shots to end far too soon.

Semi Automatic Espresso Machines Use Portafilters

Another nice thing about the semi automatic espresso machine is that it uses a portafilter to insert the coffee into the machine. There are two types of portafilters that come with a semi automatic machine. One is non-pressurized and the other pressurized. The non-pressurized are usually bigger and are made with chrome or chrome plated brass. This gives it a heftiness that is needed for the stability of the temperature and makes it possible to make a better shot of espresso. The pressurized version uses either a valve or a special filter basket that won’t let water out of the portafilter until the right amount of pressure has been reached.

Semi Automatic Espresso Machines Offer Different Types Of Boilers

Semi automatic espresso machines have a couple of different types of boilers and depending upon what you pick, it will impact whether you can brew and steam both at the same time. Smaller and less expensive models will have a single boiler but mid-range to higher end models may have a dual boiler. With a dual boiler you can brew and steam at the same time.

Traditional Steam Wand

The semi automatic machine generally comes with just a traditional steam wand that requires you to “work” the milk a little bit in order to get yourself a good froth.

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Automatic Espresso Machine Explained

When it comes right down to it, the automatic espresso machine pretty much will do everything for you. This is a great machine for people who simply like the convenience of being able to make the drink of their choice in just a few minutes and not have to wait on it like you would with the semi automatic version.

Automatic Espresso Machines: Grinds + Tamps + Brews + Steaming of Milk

The automatic espresso machine does everything for you including the grinding of the coffee, tamping, brewing and even steaming your milk for all your espresso shots. Because of this, the automatic espresso machine is extremely easy to use and produces consistent shots each time with no fuss.

Automatic Espresso Machines Are Pre-Programmed

With most automatic espresso machines everything is pre-programmed but can also be programmed as well but most who use these just go with the automatic settings that come with the machine so that brewing is easier for them. An automatic espresso machine does have a couple of choices when frothing milk, either the standard steam wand or a panarello.

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The Verdict On Semi & Automatic Espresso Machines

Which is better? It all depends on what you are looking for. Do you want to be more involved with creating your cup of espresso or do you just want to leave it all up to the machine and not worry about it? It’s totally up to you.

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