5 Mistakes You Make When Brewing Coffee at Home

So you think you know how to brew coffee at home, well you’re in for a surprise.

You probably think there is nothing wrong with the coffee you are brewing every day at home. You might be surprised however, that when brewing coffee at home you might be making some big mistakes that you are not aware that are making your coffee a lot less delicious. There are several different mistakes we can make when brewing coffee at home, but, there are five major ones that really can and will affect the way that your coffee tastes.

Brewing Coffee Using Tap or Unfiltered Water 

That’s right brewing coffee with your tap water or unfiltered water can be a big mistake. Since coffee is 98 percent water it stands to reason you would want good water for brewing coffee at home. So, taste your tap water and if you think it tastes bad, well then the probability that your coffee is going to taste bad is pretty high. So, the best water you can use for brewing coffee at home is cold, filtered water.

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Storing Coffee or Coffee Beans in Freezer or Refrigerator

Storing your coffee in the freezer or refrigerator is yet another major mistake when it comes to brewing coffee at home. Coffee needs to be stored in a nice cool, dry place and should never be stored in something like your freezer or refrigerator because of the moisture they generate.

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Failure to Use Enough Coffee Per Cup

If you simply eyeball your coffee quantity then you are probably using too little coffee per cup. Even if you prefer weaker coffee it is better to put the right amount of coffee in your brewer than not enough. You can always weaken the coffee by adding some hot water.

Not Using the Right Grind of Coffee

It all depends on your coffee brewer because they all require different grinds, so it’s a good idea to know what kind of grind works best in your brewer. So, always follow the instructions that came with your coffee brewer.

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Use of too Much Coffee

Finally, there is the mistake that people far too often make and that is using too much coffee to brew their favorite cup of java. It is faulty to think that by using more coffee you are going to get a better flavor. Think about if you were to make some homemade bread and you use more yeast than what is recommended. We all know that the bread is going to rise far too much and will simply be a huge failure. Same goes with adding too much coffee. Even though it does produce a much stronger cup of coffee you are going to end up with a very bitter cup of coffee.

So, there you have it, five of the biggest mistakes one can make when brewing coffee at home. Try avoiding these and you should end up with much better tasting coffee.