The Best Coffee in Idaho

The best coffee in Idaho, Flying M Coffee

Review: Idaho’s Best Coffee

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Flying M coffee declared as the “best coffee” by business insider has two coffeehouses. One is in Boise and the other coffeehouse in Nampa. Besides the coffee, Flaying M is also special for hosting great art, music and other types of events to keep the customers entertained. Some have gone on to praise their artistic touch at Flying M by claiming that if there were an artistic revolution at Boise with all the writers and artist gathering at one place then Flying M would be it. Not every great coffeehouse can have such customer reviews. It has also got a delicious array of bakery items which include scones, cakes, muffins and a lot more. But it’s their special coffee blend which brings packed house customers each day all week.

Flying M produces this wonderful espresso blend which is full-bodied, medium roasted blend rich with crema. This blend is not only served at its Boise location but also other locally owned shops and coffeehouse use Flying M’s blend to satisfy their customers. Flying M is known to roast a house blend which consists of a French roast paired with a medium roast Indonesian producing a mighty and bittersweet cup. Like many great coffeehouses in all states, Flying M too uses single origin coffees from all over the world to make conspicuous the underlying character of each specialty coffee.

Even the simplest of its coffee is appreciated by the masses. For example the Flying M’s cappuccino is everyone’s choice served in an 8oz cup. It looks a little heavy on the foam but when one takes a sip, its just plain fun after that. It’s creamy and has that perfect ratio of coffee to steamed milk. It’s one cup you’d never get enough every time you drink it!

All the blends at Flying M are just so good that one would have trouble deciding. In that case a really good choice would the Roaster’s Choice which comes in 12 ounces bag at a cost of $12. Customers can choose between lighter roast and medium roast according to their preferences.

The coffee house is also home to wonderful gift shop, a hodgepodge of clever, hip, cute and often times retro wares to sell. There are some good books to read as well. So in all along with coffee and added benefits, Flaying M coffeehouse has done a terrific job in becoming the number 1 coffee provider of Idaho.