The Best Coffee Shop In Oregon Revealed

Heart Roasters Ranked The Best Coffee Shop In Oregon

Heart Roasters Ranked The Best Coffee Shop In Oregon, Find Out Why?

Heart Roasters has done well to become the best coffee provider of Oregon State according to the Business Insider. They might have some weaknesses but one thing is for sure that they’ll never compromise with the quality of their coffee and services. It is a well-known specialty coffee roasting company which is always striving to deliver the best coffee experience for the customers. The baristas are not only skilled with making great coffee but they also know the importance of serving a cup of coffee with a smile.

Central America, South America and Africa are the prime choices for bringing in the best green coffee for Heart Roasters. They make sure that the coffee is roasted to the ideal degree so that the optimum flavors can be extracted in order to bring out delicate clarity. The cupping of coffee is then carried out in the lab where it is essential for it to pass the high standards set by the management. It is their firm belief that by starting with quality green coffee enables them to take care of the roasted coffee served to the customers which starts from the source and ends to the final cup. All this tells that they are not just in it for the money and simply love their work and want to share it with the entire community as well.


Heart Coffee Roasters In Oregon

Heart Coffee Roasters In Oregon

“Affogato” Star of Heart Roaster Coffee Shop

Their version of this classic Italian confection consists of homemade coconut ice cream topped with a perfectly pulled shot of espresso. They also tried different combinations of coffee pairing with different ice cream maker’s offerings and this led them to believe in making their own unique coffee flavor. So they created an ice cream that perfectly complements their espresso with delicious results and gave it the “Affogato” name. This wonderful coffee should be at least tried once by those who enter Heart Roasters café. This delicious ice cream is made from a mixture of coconut cream, maple syrup, vanilla bean and Himalayan pink salt and also it doesn’t consists any dairy, refined sugar or any of those artificial sweeteners which is not good for health. And just when you thought you were sold for this coffee, its got more great characteristics to offer by its perfect balance with the espresso that gets poured on top. The coffee that makes the espresso is single origin and ground with their EK grinders to produce a shot with even extraction.

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