5 Top Selling Flavors of Pod Coffees

5 Top Selling Flavors of Pod Coffees

Pod Coffees – Top Five

If you are new to pod coffees you might find if confusing on which flavors you want to try. This is because there’s so many out there it’s no wonder it can be confusing. So in order to make the search easier for you in finding the top selling flavors of pod coffees here is a list of the top five selling flavors. If you are an avid coffee drinker you are going to want to consider adding these delicious flavors to your list of morning coffee.

List Of 5 Best Selling Pod Coffees

1. Almond Flavor – Pod Coffee

It makes sense that almond would be one of the 5 top selling flavors of pod coffees because after all almond is one of the most popular nuts around just because of it’s aroma a lone, then add the flavor that almonds have and you have a wonderful explosion of happiness in your mouth. The almond flavor is either extracted in a powder form or in concentrate and then it’s added to the coffee at the time the coffee beans are being roasted.

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2. Caramel Flavor – Pod Coffee

Everyone loves this flavor, especially in candy form, but is a wonderful addition to coffee with it’s mixture of brown sugar and butter. People love this flavor because of its creamy and smooth taste. This flavor is more like a sweetener when added to coffee in fact they often use it in other flavors as well to add more smoothness and sweetness.

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3. Chocolate Flavor –  Pod Coffee

Seriously? Chocolate? Who doesn’t like chocolate? There’s no question to why this is one of the 5 top selling flavors of pod coffees. Chocolate is loved by most people and of all ages and it’s also the least expensive flavoring to add to coffee. Chocolate is simply a flavoring that is loved and enjoyed by everyone.

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4. French Vanilla –  Pod Coffee

French vanilla is probably the most common flavoring for coffee you will find anywhere. The reason why we see it used so much is the fact is vanilla beans are considered to be one of the strongest flavor agents you can use. It hits the 5 top selling flavors of pod coffees list because of it’s wonderful aroma. One bean of vanilla can actually flavor up to ten cups of coffee. The vanilla beans are ground right along with the coffee beans when flavoring the coffee.

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5. Irish Cream Flavor – Pod Coffee

This one hit the 5 top selling flavors of pod coffees because quite often people like to get that feeling they are drinking a nice rich cocktail and they can do that with this particular flavoring. Irish cream is actually a real mixture of whiskey, cream and sugar. This mixture will curdle like yogurt does so it is generally blended it at the time of use. This flavoring will give your cup of coffee a nice Irish Whiskey touch that many people really enjoy.

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