The Best Coffee Shop In Kentucky Revealed

Starbucks Breakfast Blend, K-Cup for Keurig Brewers, 60 Count

Review: Kentucky’s Best Coffee

The best coffee of Kentucky is none other than Starbucks coffee located in East Louisville, Frankfort Avenue. Most if not all already know how special its coffee is. That’s why they are operating in more than 20000 locations and still counting. It’s considered the biggest coffeehouse chain in the world and with ample reasons. What catapulted Starbucks reputation in the market was its representation of second wave coffee and it initially wanted to differentiate itself from dozens of coffeehouses in States with respect to taste, quality and customer service while profiteering from its darkly roasted coffee. Starbucks has stick with automated espresso machines for efficiency and safety purposes while other coffee houses are going for hand-made coffee.

Some of the famous beverages served at Starbucks are espresso, caffe latte, k cups, Starbucks VIA and many more. Other than coffee, it serves hot and cold sandwiches and drinkware including tumblers and mugs. Latte Macchiato is one famous beverage across many states and starts with steaming creamy whole milk to develop sensitive, meringue-like foam. The top is marked with shots by the barista of rich, roasty espresso to ascertain a strong first sip. What you get in the end is a smooth and delicious drink with a strong bold finish. Another beverage which pops out of customer reviews as one of Starbucks’s best creation is espresso macchiato. It is a classic European style drink which is made with an exquisitely pulled shot of their signature espresso marked lovingly by a dollop of steamed milk. The milk is added with such precision than even a hint of milk added to it would risk the fine taste of the rich caramel flavor that gives the espresso its majestic quality.

Starbucks has both whole beans and coffee grounds for general public to use at their own cafes and houses. Starbucks Kati Kati blend which costs $7.95 for 8.8 oz. comes from Africa and it hits a person like that first breeze of summer. This blend is known to strike the delicate balance between vibrant tangy notes. Ethiopia whole bean is another exquisite blend which honors Ethiopia’s bountiful legacy.
One great thing about Starbucks coffeehouse which no one can deny is the speed of its internet connection. Wi-Fi really matters in coffeehouses and when you’re providing high speed Wi-Fi connection then you can be sure of attracting even non coffee lovers as they can order bunch of other stuff besides coffee.