The Best Coffee In Georgia

Review: Best Coffee In Georgia, Octane Coffee

Octane Blend, Whole Bean Coffee, Fresh Roasted Coffee LLC. (5 Lb.) $35.95 Only

Octane has been voted by Travel and leisure to not only provide the best coffee but also to have the coolest coffee houses in Georgia. Octane has several locations in Atlanta with the one on the Westside having the perfect open space for hosting events. Special emphasis has been put on quality for the past 12 years at Octane by their founders, baristas and partners. It is understood that quality just isn’t about the coffee but also it has to do with everything that is offered to the community. In 2011, Octane owners decided to join forces with Brett Burton in roasting and wholesale business with Brett bringing his own experience to the venture. If anyone is going to deliver best coffee then attention must be given to other factors as well for e.g. cocktails, deserts, customer service and community events. Octane understands these linkages and has proven to be a creative hub for coffee lovers.

Octane only chooses highly reputable coffee importers who understand the fact that in order to make great coffee, one needs to spend time with farmers at the source and co-operate with them in quality harvesting and production of coffee. Such ways would extract well-cared green coffee with traceability and sustainability qualities. Octane takes the route of direct trading with producers whenever it is possible and regulates the roasts to extract the optimum taste in each bean.

Octane has some fine varieties in coffee blends. One is the Super Regular originated from Colombia to satisfy the need for a solid yet intricate house coffee. Changing makeup of single origin or blends is one special quality of this coffee with emphasis on seasonality. This coffee is fresh after harvesting and results in a quality cup of coffee. Next we have the White Lighting which is a special edition espresso blend. The strong sweetness and fruit-forward character of its constituents is highlighted by sourcing and blending of this coffee. Third is their primary espresso blend by the name of Gravy. It has all the major qualities of good coffee for e.g. sweetness, acidity and intensity.

Coffee shops of Octane have great exterior and interior design for coffee lover’s attractions. Many students would be seen hovering around as this place has become a major attraction for them not just because of the coffee but the pleasant vibe this place gives. The octane concept has been a home run so far. Every seat is almost filled most of the time and success of their coffee is leading to expansion of the company.