The Best Coffee Shop In Minnesota Revealed

The Best Coffee In Minnesota Peace Coffee

Review: Minnesota’s Best Coffee – Peace Coffee

Peace coffee declared as the best coffee of Minnesota by business insider was created out of a late-night conversation between the Institute of Agriculture and Trade Policy and a group of Mexican farmers. After much deliberation, a fair trade coffee company came into existence by the name of peace coffee. Fair trade coffee companies take care of farmers needs and give them a fair price for their coffee crops. Also they don’t accept child or forced labour in any process of coffee making. Customers acknowledge drinking such coffees which are created out of fair means.

People at peace coffee works very closely with the growers on the field. They acknowledge the fact that hard work goes into each step of coffee making as it travels along the entire supply chain. The efforts of roasting, packaging and delivering lead to a finely crafted cup at peace coffee.

Local traders are known to influence the farmers in selling their coffee crops below the market value but peace coffee do away with such unfair practices. By joining forces to form cooperatives, farmers can make their own business decisions about every step of ushering this complex product to port. Furthermore these cooperatives can give access to health clinics, schools, technical assistance on and off the field, as well as coffee quality improvement measures.

Talking about signature blends that peace coffee makes include Twin Cities Blend which is the frontrunner costing $11 for 12 oz. The roasters took up the challenge to create this blend, pairing hints of chocolate and toasted almonds with a touch of honey. Another rich coffee is the Organic French Roast which costs $11 for 12 oz. and this blend highlights their roaster’s dedication to the craft of roasting which is dark but never burnt. The smoky notes marry with a robust sweetness that stands up to a little milk and sugar, if the customer prefers it this way. Its body is gentle and its acidity is soft. Their favorite limited and seasonal edition has been captured by Permata Gayo which costs $15 for 12 oz. with a light roast and crisp acidity. Great amount of fruit is highlighted by this roast profile in the heart of the coffee which includes green apple, tart lemon, orange marmalade, sweet pineapple and with fair amount of sweetness and body to round out the cup. These are just the few blends out of a wide variety which has helped them secure the number one spot of the best coffee provider in the entire state.