The Best Coffee Shop In Ohio Revealed

The Root Coffee Shop Ranked The Best In Ohio

The Root Coffee Shop Ranked The Best In Ohio, Find Out Why?

Business Insider has declared The Root coffee shop as the best coffee shop in Ohio State and for good reasons too. First of all, The Root wants to stress the need to engage with coffee straight from the source, as the name implies. They believe in dealing with the farmers first hand and lend them as much support as they can because in order to deliver quality coffee, one would need the farmers to put in their best effort to properly extract great coffee from the fields.

It all started on December 21, 2009 when The Root café opened its doors for everyone. It started off as a unique place that was manifested from the desire to create a familiar foundation for all the incoming people. Diversity is promoted and celebrated not just for its coffee taste but for the entire community as well. Besides delivering great coffee, The Root café also believes in sharing culture, music, art, tea and food which are all considered to be declared as the best coffee house.

The Root café also believe in supporting the community businesses therefore they procure much of their food from local producers and sometimes even from their friends backyard. Anyone coming to The Root café is destined to enjoy exotic heirloom varietals and in-season specialties with a contemporary twist. Their vegan baked goods and exquisite in taste and can serve to be a pleasant surprise with their moist textures.

Some of the best espressos served at The Root café are Cappuccino, Americano, Café Phoenix, Dread Eye and Breve all at reasonable costs. They all will delight coffee lovers with a wonderful experience for their taste buds. They ensure that each espresso shot is closely watched for proper extraction trailer made to satisfy and delight each customer. If anyone prefers a sweeter or a lighter taste, then a shorter pull can be arranged as well and likewise anyone wanting a more bold and bitter flavor can be served with a longer pull. Basically the baristas are willing to experiment according to customer’s preference to give them a unique experience. There are some dessert drinks as well that can be a great taste lifter which includes Hot Chocolate with starting price of $2.15 for a small cup. It is a house-made chocolate milk steamed hot which is very tasty. Mexican Cocoa is another house-made chocolate milk steamed with cinnamon, cayenne and vanilla.

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