The Best Coffee In Florida

Review Best Coffee In Florida: Panther Coffee

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According to business insider, the best coffee award in Florida State goes to Miami based Panther coffee which is famous for its cold brew blends and some highly skilled baristas. Besides great coffee and baristas, panther cafes have added elegant artwork on the walls and made it sort of a gallery in a coffee house.

Panther coffee makers are known to source, roast and deliver the finest coffees on the planet. They believe in win-win situation and have forged a strong connection with all the participants that is mutually beneficial.  This also includes the farmers and producers and their land, workers and the entire community. Best part about panther coffee is that they never stop trying in improving the quality of coffee as there is still so much left to be discovered about coffee’s unforeseen potential.

The original café at Wynwood location has already become a hotspot and a great meeting place for hipsters and artsy types alike. Sometimes people even go there to drink coffee and pretend to be artist in order to blend in the crowd. Even non-coffee lovers would appreciate the peaceful environment.

So what’s so special about panther coffee that has attracted so much attention? The first thing to note about it is that some special farms from around the globe are selected to attain coffee grains which are then further roasted in a vintage roaster on site. This is no ordinary task as it brings quality and delicious taste to the drinks. One such popular drink is their classic cappuccino which is both smooth and incredibly strong at the same time. It never tastes bitter and it always comes with Facebook worthy latte art on top.In summers, the best drink they offer is the cold brew which happens to be brewed overnight and then served over ice and some milk according to preferences. The flavor comes out to be strong with delicious notes of chocolate. It tastes so good that you won’t be able to drink it slowly. Some would even want to have it all in one gulp!

Some famous coffees at panther include east coast espresso, west coast espresso, Jon varon, Cencoic, Mulish and many more. All their espressos range from $10 to $22 which is quite reasonable.

It should be noted that high caffeine content is included in their coffee so users should be a little careful on its consumption. But if you are immune to caffeine then you should surely knock yourself out!