The Best Coffee In Hawaii

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Review: Best Coffee of Hawaii

Morning brew in Kailua, Hawaii has been making headlines for quite some time now and the press is abuzz about its best coffee in Hawaii. Midweek, Japanese editorial coverage, Kailua town and business insider have all acknowledged morning brew as the best coffee in town. Peter and Debbie have done a wonderful job over the years in developing loyal customers and highly skilled baristas. Their coffee house is funky and bohemian-style in the quiet beach town of Kailua. They started with serving tasty breakfast and dinner and then ended up in making delicious coffee. And as time rolled over, word was spread the Morning Brew is not only home to best coffee but a great meeting place as well.

Kailua’s Morning brew is an early riser and opens the café around 6am and stays open till 7pm. A variety of drinks has helped Morning brew to become the best coffee. Their coffee and tea includes House coffee, iced tea, Kombucha, special chai Latte and more. Then there are single brew pour-overs with 100% Kona, 100% Waialua and 100% Molokai. Espresso bar is also filled with delicious flavors of Espresso macchiato, espresso Cortado, Café Au Lait and many more. All espresso drinks are made with 2 shots of espresso. Prices for all mentioned drinks vary according to weight of the drink. Taste at Morning brew is complimented with occasional live music performances.

Much of Morning brew success can be attributed to its food and coffee but no credit can be taken away from the entire upbeat staff who keeps the business thriving. A perfect balance is maintained between high-energy employees, a healthy menu, a great ambiance and of course the delicious taste of coffee. Not many cafes in all states can claim to maintain such a balance.

Customers have appreciated the cold brew in their reviews. Customers have gone on to purchase their Kailua blend to make their own coffee. Others have labeled the chai Latte as the best on the island. Staff courtesy and knowledge has been appreciated. They’ve also got a fast WIFI service for those who want to enjoy great coffee and great internet speed at the same time. It’s better to grab their cup of joe early as it can get busy later in the evening and dine-in could be a problem for those who want to enjoy coffee and ambience both. Besides coffee they offer tons of vegan and gluten free foods for the health conscience customers.