The Best Coffee Shop In Kansas Revealed

The best coffee in Kansas, The Roasterie

Review: Kansas’s Best Coffee

The Roasterie, City of Fountains Blend, Whole Bean (Order Now)

Awarded as the best coffee in Kansas by business insider, Roasterie is one coffee company that travels to the end of the earth to find best coffee beans which include espresso, single-origin and fair trade organic coffees. They have this unique ability to source coffee beans for those who have expert judgment in analyzing coffee and then air-roast the coffee to the perfect temperatures to deliver the kind of coffee that made Roasterie as the best in the region. The best part about Roasterie is that they don’t just deliver great beverages but it defines them and their way of life which is quite exceptional if one thinks about it.

Platinum edition blend, bean baron blend, blue tawar blend and Bristol blend are just some great signature blends offered at Roasterie. One might think “why offer so many blends?” well that’s like asking a painter why use so many colors. The coffee found all over the world are so distinct from each other that it really makes the staff marveled at the sheer diversity of flavors. That’s exactly what they’ve done with their signature blend of coffee and provided a gallery for those who appreciate the art of coffee.

Not everyone can deliver an ingenious combination of the right coffee beans along with the perfect roast and high standard extraction equipment like the baristas at Roasterie do. Their espresso machine focuses and strengthens the flavors of the coffee beans. Also their approach to espresso is to create blends that produce a good balance of flavors. Good crema is also the center of attention which has good foam that can be seen on top of an espresso shot when it’s just pulled out. The price is also reasonable considering great coffees of other states, which is $12.84 for 12 oz.

Another great approach by Roasterie is towards decaf coffee to minimize the “dialed down” effect. Midnight Rendezvous dark roast decaf (costing $13.15 per 12oz) is made in such a way that the taste would be similar even if it hadn’t been decaffeinated. It has a full, amusing flavor profile with all the highs and lows you’d want from an exceptional dark roast coffee that hasn’t been decaffeinated.

Serving great coffee isn’t the sole reason behind their popularity in Kansas State as they have great apparel, mugs and cups, equipment, posters, culinary and a lot more to keep customers returning to Roasterie and to their three great cafés in the state.