The Best Coffee Shop In Maine Revealed

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Review: Maine’s Best Coffee

Declared by the business insider as the best coffeehouse in Maine, Bard Coffee located in Portland’s Old Port is not just famous for its delicious coffee but plenty other reasons as well. People at Bard are always looking to find a story in every cup. To do that, they carefully roast, source and prepare their coffees to provide their consumers with a marvelous coffee experience. The baristas strive their best in serving tasty beverages with utmost courtesy.

The founders of Bard coffee understand the fact that ordinary people cannot create great coffee in ordinary places. It is the incredible people like those of Bard coffee who leave an unforgettable mark on the coffee making process which is unique as a snowflake. Bard has been known to use “best practices” in regard to sourcing, roasting and brewing coffee. Roasting is an important element in the process and it is here where uniqueness in coffee taste is created. So when it’s about roasting, Bard staff utilizes the best technology available to unsure the latest practices in the coffee industry known as The Loring Smart Roast. This technique allows them to make coffee that remains true to its origin while keeping in mind the environmental efficiency. The Flavor-Lock process of Lorings creates a closed-loop roasting environment where gas burner simultaneously superheats the spent air to burn the smoke and odor before they leave the roaster while also heating the clean air to the perfect temperature for roasting great coffee.

Bard supplies great brewing supplies and merchandise along with its delicious coffee. One of their famous blends is the High Tide Organic Espresso Blend which costs $15. It is was first made by blending a lot of different coffees and then tasting it shot after shot of espresso to finally reach that “WOW” moment. This espresso is one of its kinds and transforms into sweet fruit and cream in anyone’s favorite mild based drink too. This coffee can also be tried with Kalita and Chemex as well.

Other favorite blend at Bard is the Cascara Coffee Cherry Tea which costs $8 and it comes from Coasta Rica. Cascara, the dried husks of coffee cherries, is brewed as a tea and can be enjoyed hot or iced.

There is just too much experience behind Bard coffee makers with the owner as the United States Barista Champion Head Judge and World Barista Champion Sensory Judge. With such experience at your side, you can expect to have great coffee for sure.