The Best Coffee Shop In New Mexico Revealed

The Best Coffee Shop In New Mexico Revealed - Michael Thomas Coffee Roasters

Ranked the best coffee shop in New Mexico: Michael Thomas Coffee Roasters – Find Out Why?

According to business insider, Michael Thomas Coffee Roasters is, first and foremost, the best roastery in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The owner Michael and New Mexico have been giving great experience and coffee to the public for more than a decade now. Michael’s decision to open up a coffee in New Mexico has based entirely on his love for coffee and the need to serve his community with commitment. With such a mindset, you can surely have a great coffee house. So this led to the introduction of Michael Thomas Coffee which was inaugurated in 2004. Michael’s family has been part of the business success especially his daughters whom both grew up in and around the business. Both these wonderful ladies graduated from UNM and returned back to the coffee shop to join forces with Michael in delivering passionate coffee to the community. This family-run business has kept its goal pretty simple for execution which is to provide a consistent quality product and experience to all of their stakeholders.

Their method of roasting is profile roasting. When they import a new coffee they create a roasting profile from the initial large sample roast. So after the roast has reached its true potential then they start pulling samples every 30 seconds. And the following day they cup the samples to select the optimum quality roast for that particular coffee. This way consistency of each coffee, which is essential to the quality of coffee, is added by having a roasting profile. Along with cupping it is their way of ensuring the premium fragrance and taste of each coffee.

There are couple of best sellers at Michael Thomas Coffee Roaster that would entertain most coffee lovers. One is the Hornet Roast which costs $12.25 for 12 oz. and is their most famous and darkest roast. It was named in honor of the Highland High School Hornets. Second is the Costa Roca which costs $11.85 for 12 oz. and it is a medium light roast and a well-balanced coffee with splendid proportions of fragrance, flavor, body and acidity wrapped in an earthy package. There is also the Ethiopia Sidamo – Fair trade coffee which costs $14.05 for 12 oz. and it is a natural Sidamo with great coffee taste along with great aroma and pallet. This coffee will surely not let anyone down and will keep the energy level high enough to spend a great day.