The Best Coffee Shop in South Dakota Revealed

Pump House Ranked The Best Coffee Shop In South Dakota

Pump House Ranked The Best Coffee Shop In South Dakota, Find Out Why?

Driving through Deadwood and looking for a good coffee to fulfill your coffee desire? Pump House at Mind Blown Studio can serve the purpose.

Pump House is located in Deadwood Courthouse. It is an old Texaco gas station. Portion of the café is used by a glass blower. So, it is a half coffee cafe and a half glass blowing studio. This sounds weird, but it is actually very cool – business in the garage, party in the house.One can watch the glass blower and can also buy the glass items. This café has a vintage appeal. Restaurant is small though. There are two booths with table inside. It also has good open-air seating with neat retro pump station look. It holds many of gas station mementos like old pumps, retro cans, chrome signs and vinyl seats.

“Soothing Atmosphere”

Pump House creates a soothing atmosphere where inhabitants as well as tourists can enjoy coffee drinks which are locally roasted, deli items which are handmade and variety of cold drinks. Their breakfast is served before 11:00am. Wraps and sandwiches have very interesting names consistent with the service station theme like dip stick and lug nut.They serve great mochas. They have delicious-tasting mochas which are out of this world. The interesting thing about this shop is that it is vegetarian friendly in beef country. Their menu is full of yummy salad and wrap ingredients which can make any vegan happy.The prices are fair. One can enjoy coffee and a sandwich in just $10. It is a very nice place to stop when you are going through the town.

Gas Station-Turned  Coffee Shop

This gas station-turned coffee shop and glass shop has awesome theming and fresh food options. Here, one can enjoy tasty coffee, sandwiches, pastries and salads all the while browsing the current range of glass items which are also for sale and are displayed throughout the small space. It is a totally unique and flavorsome coffee stop. This is THE spot in deadwood for damn fine coffee and delicious lunch. Their coffees are bold and toothsome. Here, fresh fruits are also available which is ideal.Above all they offer free cell phone charging and chargers which is as cool as it sounds. The staff is very polite and helpful. The location is also very nice. One can sit back, relax, enjoy great cup of coffee and watch the town come to life. Super good food, super tasty coffees and super friendly staff – A highly recommended place.

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