The Best Coffee Shop In South Carolina Revealed

Kudu Coffee and Craft Beer Ranked The Best Coffee Shop In South Carolina, Find Out Why?

Hot days definitely call for the pleasure of choosing either coffee or beer to fulfill our thirst. Kudu Coffee and Craft Beer in South Carolina has this covered. Kudu has a fine-looking outdoor courtyard and also an extensive coffee and craft beer program. They don’t have Wi-Fi so this shop is only for relaxation.

Kudu Coffee Craft Beer Inside Shop

Inside Kudu Coffee & Craft Beer

Kudu is an attractive cafe right around the corner from King Street. King Street is Charleston’s major artery. Kudu which opened in 2005 was initially a shop concentrating solely on African coffees and goods. Two brothers Josh and Jason Bell, in 2010, bought Kudu from the original ownership. They started to grow their coffee program. As two of the discoverers of Charleston’s specialty coffee scene, the Bell brothers put a lot of extra legwork into the business.

Ideal Coffee & Sandwich Shop For Locals

Kudu which is a long-time Vanderhorst Street coffee and sandwich shop has changed into a busy stop for college students, writers, employees, business men and the creative crowd. People meet for coffee or beer and enjoy live music on the patio. Baristas here are famous for making twirled designs in the latte pours. This place is a transformed space with a big side yard which is kind of ideal for working or hanging out.

Variety is King at Kudu Coffee Shop

Kudu serves variety of coffees, espresso beverages, muffins, croissants and sandwiches. Kudu also has a small beer bar component where they have been offering 20 beers on tap, mostly local or regional. Their mocha’s are delicious and mouth-watering. Their coffees are also very flavorful and they do some AMAZING latte art which can please almost anyone. The price range is also very satisfactory.

The Verdict

Kudu is overall a nice place. The coffee and beer selection is great. The staff is really friendly, likable and eager to help customers pick the perfect drink. They even let people sample things before ordering. Kudu is a very beautiful cafe. They have an awesome courtyard for sitting outside on a lovely day just drinking coffee or a cold brew.This little patio with a running fountain provides a nice break while exploring downtown Charleston.It also offers a large amount of indoor seating. It is nice and cool inside with tables spread widely enough to enjoy the space. You are in mood to enjoy a great cup of coffee or you want a nice cold beer? Kudu is the answer. Definitely an amazing place to sit back, relax and enjoy good coffee.

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Kudu Coffee And Craft Beer Ranked No. 1 In South Carolina: Short Video